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Health Insurance San Diego County Question & Answers

2015 June 29
by Sarah Fields

Helen asks…

After CBest, what can I expect as a substitute teacher in California?

I’ll be taking cbest soon and expect to pass, but I’m unsure of what lay ahead. I’ve heard I apply directly to the school district, and I assume that means I list days I’m open to substitute and then I’m called when I’m needed? I know there is finger printing involved, and I’m also very curious about if there are ANY benefits such as health care as I have problems with kidney stones and need some health insurance.

Is there anyone out there who can give me an idea of what is ahead and the life of a substitute teacher?

Thank you very much.

Sarah Fields answers:

Once you have a Bachelor’s and have passed the CBEST, you are qualified to sub in CA. Any district to which you apply will have their own guidelines, which are usually available online. The application process involves submitting all the usual personal information, transcripts, proof of a CBEST passing score, and a negative TB test. You will then go for a Livescan. A few things to know about that: Livescan will not release your results to any other entity (even with your permission). To you, that means that you need a separate Livescan for each district to which you apply, which is often conducted at your own expense (around $100.) Once Livescan is completed, you register yourself in the district’s system. I live in North San Diego County, and all districts in this area use the Subfinder system, in which you can search for available sub jobs online or be called when jobs become available. Then you pick and choose the jobs which sound appealing to you.

Sorry, but subbing does not include any health benefits.

John asks…

I need help dealing with everything that the world is throwing at me right now ?

It feels like I am going through hell right now. The doctors don’t really know what is going on with me. They are saying that I have social anxiety, borderline personality disorder, manic depression and now they are saying that I might have bipolar. And on top of all of it I can’t find a job that will hire me with me conditions and now I am being turn down be heath insurance company because I have a reaccering conditions . I am just confused I thought USA is a free country?
I like all of your answers, but I already go to the dr’s and I also go to therapy and it doesn’t seem to help I feel like I am getting the run around from both ends. I have tried to get a stay at home job but they all cost money to start, and money is the one thing I don’t have.

Sarah Fields answers:

The County of San Diego has a wide variety of Mental Health Services. They can recommend other agencies that have services to help also.


I try to break down the problems I am having into separate items rather than look at them all together. I feel less overwhelmed if I start to break them down.

I make a list and then write down some things I can do to help with each item. Somehow writing them down helps to take them out of my head.Then I start to follow up on the ones that are most important. I don’t try to solve all my problems at once.

Ruth asks…

Can’t afford medical attention? Need psychiatrist! (DID and possible Schizophrenia)?

Okay, I really need help. Ever sense I was a kid I would see stuff, and hear things. No matter how real they got, If they were unbelievable, I just thought it was my imagination. However Im older now, and there not so unbelievable. I have not been officially diagnosed with anything, but thats not what I’m worried about. I know I have a medical condition known as DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), which is also known as Split Personality Disorder. I’m 20 and I have finally gathered everything to a self diagnosis. I have 2 separate personalities, excluding myself (3 total). I also may have minor schizophrenia. I wonder this because I hear things that I know aren’t there (after investigating). But Im really visually starting to get hit with real looking stuff. Its getting worse. The other day I was driving out of a parking lot and I was waiting for a white car to park/ pull out. As I stared at the car it started to fade away to transparency. That was my most recent and possibly dangerous one. The other week I saw it rain really hard but it wasn’t. My dad told my it didn’t. There are other things that have happen but I don’t want to take to much time. Back to my DID. I have been suppressing it for a while now and I don’t think I have enough willpower in me anymore. I appear normal to friends and family, but at a cost. I can’t have to many friends cause I don’t have very much social time to spend. I also spend allot of time in my room alone. I do this so I can switch alters and no one knows the entire time it happens. DID also ruined all my friendships at work. I would go to work and get stressed or be put in a situation were ill just switch, or sometimes ill just show up to work as an alter. It’s also affecting my grades. Its like having a twin and making him go to half the classes and not take notes. I’m literally afraid of getting another job, and going to school. I’m loosing the willpower to force out my main personality. I don’t know what to do, I don’t want my mom and dad to know. They have enough problems with my brother who has Aspergers. I told my mom I need to see a psychiatrist but she says I can’t because were between insurances right now. I can’t see one for a couple weeks. The problem is, is that I have foolishly waited as long as i could. Now I just need some help sleeping and getting a proper diagnosis on my seeing things problem. Is there a government funded medical center or psychiatric service? any I Ideas on what I can and should do? BTW I live in Carlsbad CA.

Sarah Fields answers:

In Vista or San Marcos there is a walk-in emergency community mental health clinic. It goes on a sliding scale fee, according to your income. Check in the community pages in the front of your phone book. Probably under San Diego County.

If you have difficulty locating it, call your local hospital to ask for the number.

You would see a psychiatrist for medications, but will also see a therapist for a chance to learn better how to handle your dissociation and hallucinations.

Eventually, you’ll want to see a psychologist each week to treat your DID / MPD. It is curable, there is hope!

Note: document your Dr visits & keep any papers they give you. You may need this if you apply for Social Security Disability.

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