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Health Insurance San Diego County Question & Answers

2013 December 3
by Sarah Fields

John asks…

HELP!! Broken bone and no health insurance!!!?

My boyfriend fell off of his skateboard yesterday and we think he broke his elbow/arm. Its swollen and he can barely move it. He doesn’t have health insurance and CANNOT afford a visit to the emergency room. Is there any way we can just go visit a clinic and get an x-ray and other treatments? We live in San Diego county does anyone know a specific place?? PLEASE HELP US!!!!

Sarah Fields answers:

Go to hospital and ask if they have program to help pay for the bill. They can not refuse to help you cause you have no way to pay for services.
They have what they call patient bill of rights on walls!!!!!

Sharon asks…

Why is the state of California having so many problems?

They have a 15.2 billion deficit

Record numbers of businesses aren’t going there or are pulling out because of outrageous taxation

This morning, I read about stuff like this:

What is Nancy Pelosi doing to ease the pain that her own state is experiencing, does anyone know?

As always, your input is welcomed.

Sarah Fields answers:

Nancy Pelosi isn’t doing sh*t, and neither is Barbara Boxer, or Diane Feinstein, she continues to let taxpayers pay for her limo, and driver, even though she is one of the richest women in California, both of them Democrat.
Governor Schwarzenegger has tried to lower the deficit by cutting programs, like releasing small time criminals, (for lack of a better way to say it) like possession, first time drunk drivers, first time theft, whatever else that is considered small crime, out of jail, so taxpayers aren’t footing their living expenses, cutting down disability recipients by inplementing higher standards to receive disability, since it is well known that there are those who are using the system, and costing taxpayers more, when they can go back to work, theres more he has tried to do, like making the Indian gaming casinos pay their fair share in taxes. And a lot of them are helping the community, now.
It is my understanding that Pete Wilson the governor in 1983 – January 7, 1991, is blamed for the deficit, because of the energy crisis of the time. He borrowed a lot to try and fix the issue, but then Orange Country, the richest county in California (I used to live there) went bankrupt, and borrowed money, and since then, the only real Politician to try and do anything about it haa been Governor Arnie.

Certainly giving Amnesty to illegals, like Barbara Boxer, and Diane Feinstein want to do, is not going to help us in California, and in fact, if free medical-care is given to them paid for by the taxpayers, it will kill us! Not that illegals don’t get it now, they go into the emergency room, without insurance, get taken care of and give false addresses for the billing, so the bill comes back to the hospital, with this address does not exist on it, and the taxpayers pay it in higher medical costs. I just saw an illegal do it 3 weeks ago, at Grossmont Hospital, young, pregnant, dirty, her interpreter said she was going to college in Los Angeles, and a citizen, but she was dirty, like she had just come from a bush, her clothes messy, and old polyester, and a broken sandle strap, and not in Los Angeles, but in San Diego, and not in any pain with contractions, but they took her in before us 4 who were American, sitting in the hallway, in emergency, and puking our guts out in a pan. This girl was not a citizen, and college in LA???? She could not speak English!
This is a fact.

I am a Native Californian, and live here, still.

Chris asks…

my sister needs hip surgery and has no insurance.she lives in the san diego area. what can she do?

I live in ohio and I dont know the laws and rules in California. I don’t think she qualifies for medicare or welfare. Her husband has his own small painting business and they never bothered to get insurance. she is 57 years old and walks with a cane and its getting worse. She is in so much pain. Please help.

Sarah Fields answers:

Here are few ideas (all links below in the Source section):

•Medi-Cal: California’s Medicaid program.
•San Diego County Health and Human Services: the link is to facilities in San Diego where you can get medical treatment.
•Benefits CheckUp: it’s an online questionnaire helps people 55 and over learn about government, non-profit, and private programs they might be eligible for.
•National Free Clinic Directory: put in your sister’s zip code and locate the free clinic near her.
•Local college medical facilities sometimes offer discounted medical services.

One more thing. Hip replacement is a pretty serious procedure and requires not only the surgical expense but the expense of rehabilitation, which can be quite long. But your sister should try and get help to limit the pain and preserve her range of movement while she can. Getting help as soon as possible will also help her establish a relationship with a doctor she can trust and who might be able to help her find the surgical and rehabilitative assistance she needs.

If she would like to compare private health plans and speak with San Diego insurance agents without any cost or obligation, try

You can visit MostChoice here:

Hope this helps,

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