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Health Insurance San Diego County Question & Answers

2014 January 15
by Sarah Fields

George asks…


Looking for a alcohol rehab or program for a friend, hes currently going through withdrawls and needs help A.S.A.P. No medical insurance.

Sarah Fields answers:

Well, define the word “Free”.
If you are suggesting that the program with all of it’s employees and equipment are free or work for nothing, then No.
I would hope there are programs available through the city/county. You both need to look into that.

Maybe call the Health Department for info.

Susan asks…

moving to la los angeles?

Would like to move to los angeles or orange county area from San Diego, but on’t know where to live where to search for employment, currently been working customer services for health insurance, but I’m ready for new people and new environment, new city

Sarah Fields answers:

Try the banks (Wells Fargo or BofA, if you can stomach them), you can apply online.

Also, try Kaiser. Again, you can apply online.

Look for a place to live on Craig’s List, but your very best bet will be to come up one weekend (or whenever) and drive around different areas.

Ruth asks…

Health insurance in USA is a complete rip off, scrap it and lets get competitive pricing for national service?

I noticed my old friends in the USA are having a big debate about healthcare, getting a better service for all and at a better price. From some press reports I have read Some of you do not like to look a gift horse in the mouth? maybe you work for insurance companies I suspect!

This is why I KNOW that Americans are being scammed and ripped off by the Government, Health insurance and the hospitals. I am from Uk but spent 7 years there in San Diego, Houston and Phoenix and I needed treatment 3 times for various things.

On all 3 occasions I was charged a small fortune ($2000) for menial medical work, (a stitch in my lip and check pulse, most of the time I spent waiting to be seen, (hours). When I told them I had no medical insurance they reduced it to $300. Case 2 Blood tests ($940) but if I paid cash $130, Sharps Hospital San diego. Houston local doctors remove a boil on my back $260 but for cash $45. Dentists San diego all treatment less than half price just for having a $50 family discount ticket.(not insurance). I saved thousands off that ticket.

Wife had a baby, $10,000, but we had no insurance so we paid $250, (some local tax on tobacco and booze paid the rest.

I have heard some say health care in USA is far superior to the free one we have here in uk, WELL IT FRANKLY IS NOT, you have lawsuits over there in USA that prove that healthcare in UK is just as good as USA and its almost free here. True, non urgent things may require an appointment a few weeks forward but anything urgent is dealt with quickly.

The ambulance service arrive within minutes of being called and they don’t carry invoices or calculators for $2000 taxi ride to hospital!

I think you should back your president, get almost free healthcare for all, get better pricing and everyone who works pays a little extra tax just as we do here in Europe, we call it National Insurance contributions, its about 5% of your capped earnings/wages, this covers not only health care but also sickness benefits, retirement pension, dental, optical, unemployment / disability benefit, child and workers tax credits Nobody is ever excluded and there is no CoPay either, They fix you no questions asked, a very comforting thought.
Whoever heard of an insurance policy where you go to hospital and have to pay half the f***** bill as well?

In the American System the employer pays insurance the employees pay too and then there is copay fees to pay too? who is getting all this money? where the heck is it going? at the prices they charge there should be no copay.

For you die hards there is BUPA health insurance that UK has too but that is cheap, a fraction of the USA cost.

OK Americans let me know your thoughts do you want an almost free healthcare for all in the USA, similar to UK? if you don’t prove to me why your rip off system is better? your system benefits the rich and the scammer hospitals and insurance companies.

Arctic here is what a working person pays in the UK who earns 30k per year uk pounds

Employer’s NI 220.60 ($352.96)
Employee’s NI189.58 ($303.32

Employee Tax330.84 ($529.34)

Total All Tax 741.02

Total Net Income1,752.75 ($2804.40)

So for $303.00 per month he is covered for all health costs entirely as well as dental, optical. This also covers retirement Pension currently 65 pounds per week ($104), sickness benefit, unemployment benefit, working tax credit and child tax credit, disability benefit.

Our NHS get huge discounts off the drug companies and there is an NHS low cost rate for all Health service professionals, this is why health costs are so much cheaper here. Because USA system is dissected based on thousands of insurance company claims it is just a mire of administration and opportunities for these hospitals to overcharge. Why do you think drugs and medical care are so much cheaper elsewhere in the world? your politicians take bribes from these

Sarah Fields answers:

Okay, that is well and good ideas. But tell me who is going to pay for it? The rich? No way, they have their pockets locked shut! The poor? No, they don’t have the money, that’s why we need it!…No, wait, there is another group that we can jump on…yes…the middle class, they can pay for it.

Taxes will go up on everything. And what irks me is, if a couple can’t afford 1 kid, why do they heve 4-5-6+ ? There is such a thing as birth control you know!

So, now we have a hard working family with 2 kids (2 because they want to go places do things and save some money), They have a health care that they have to pay for every month, hundreds, sometimes up to $1,000 a month. They have co-pays, and have a co-pay for prescriptions, a mortgage, interest, property taxes (which part go to the welfare system already), babysitting fees if the mother works, and probably does. They don’t qualify for anything free because they own a house, so any county/city benefits are not open to them.

Then the family with 5+ kids who are getting: food stamps (till the kids turn 18 or move out), title 19 medical (until the kids turn 18 or move out), free dental, free babysitting (if they decide to go get a job), rent assistance, and many other things. If you add up all of what they get and reductions, they come close to what the other family is getting. And know what? These people are also living in the same areas as the other middle class people, but they are renting a house.

But there are some who fall into the cracks, and those are the ones that concern me. But many of them could get a job if they want to. Yes it would be a chore to get it all straightened out, but is workable.

But the old and infirmed, those are the ones that we should care for. They put their time in, and now they are treated badly with insurances.

Enough rattling my cage….

What I want to know is: if this is done, does that mean that the middle class family that has been paying ALL along for theirs, are they going to have to pay more??? Or will their amount be reduced to balance out everything? If you say that it would be according to money earned, then it better go the same for the rich and famous also.

Actually I am in favor of it. But not if I have to pay out even more than I am now, for you see, I am of the middle class, and I pay property taxes, insurance, co-pays, and I am okay. But I know others aren’t. I am sorry for them, but I didn’t get anything handed to me, I had to work hard and long to get where I am, which to some people isn’t very far. But I am relatively happy where I am.


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