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Health Insurance San Diego County Question & Answers

2014 March 20
by Sarah Fields

Nancy asks…

What is your opinion on Illegal immigration in California Please read and state your opinions?

“This number does not even include the costs of education.”

“LA County spent $50 million in January alone for food stamps and other welfare services. That’s per month. Lets calculate this… 50 x 12, $600 million, then add in the $500 million for the health care and the $350 million for public safety,” Antonovich explained.

He goes on to explain these staggering numbers do not include public school education. “And that’s just public spending through the government, imagine the private costs people are paying in terms of higher insurance rates to cover all the illegal alien drivers without insurance who get in accidents or the expense people are paying due to being victims of identity theft when an illegal steals their identity to get a job or housing and the depression that occurs when you get a tax notice from the IRS for monies you didn’t earn.”

LA County reported in April 2007 that illegal aliens were receiving as much as $35 million per month in CalWorks and food stamps. By August of the next year the program was handing out more than $37 million per month. Now the numbers have reached $50 million a month in benefits to illegal immigrants.

“If you’ve been hearing that illegal aliens are leaving the United States, you’re being lied to. The numbers prove out the truth,” Antonovich said. “This is all fraudulent monies obtained by illegal aliens and if there is a mass amnesty passed for illegal aliens this number is surely to triple or quadruple.”

Antonovich anticipates the money paid out to illegal immigrants to continue their uphill climb ($3-$4 billion per year) if nothing is done about the masses migrating to Los Angeles.

“Of course people who live there are not thinking logically or thinking ahead. Many of them are sympathetic supporters of illegal aliens. If they thought parts of Los Angeles were bad now, wait until a tripling of public service users hit their county,” he said.

According to Supervisor Antonovich illegal aliens cost Americans around $9 billion a year in education expenses as reported in the 2004 statement from the Federation for American Immigration Reform. A report from the same group in 2005 entitled “‘Breaking the Piggy Bank: How Illegal Immigration is Sending Schools Into the Red,’ put the national costs without including free-and-low cost lunches or English as a Second Language (ESL) at $28.6 billion per year.”

As California’s unemployment edges past the 12 percent mark and the budget operating in the red, politicians will have to make bold decisions when it comes to solving the budget and illegal immigration quagmire the state is staring down.

Sarah Fields answers:

I think illegal immigration needs to be stopped. Not only are these illegals getting farm work, but they are also getting into the fast food restaurants because Hispanic managers are hiring them. Illegal immigrants are also allowed to get bank accounts (to send money back to Mexico which lowers the American dollar value which in turn makes things cost more to make up for the lost value) and drivers licenses which is also due to the Hispanics working in those areas. I’m not saying all Hispanics do that and I know for a fact that they don’t, but the ones that do are making it unfair and hard for others to work.

Chris asks…

Vending permits in San Diego?

My face painting business was invited to be a vendor at the Serra Mesa fair. I honestly have no idea what kind of permits I need. I tried googling a few things but there is nothing specific to face painting. What kind of permits would I need to be a face painting vendor at a fair? Liability? Vending? Health? All of the above? Any help would be great! Thanks!

Sarah Fields answers:

To be safe contact (by phone) the City AND County that the fair is located in and ask them if you need:
1) a Business License,
2) a County Health Permit.
Also if you are operating a business then you need insurance. Can you afford to pay for medical care if you accidentally stab homebody’s eye out or paint with a toxic chemical on a child’s face?
Don’t be caught naked without adequate insurance.

Richard asks…

Discrimination: Getting hired at San Diego schools – clerical work?

May I ask if this is legal or do you consider this legal? I want to apply for a clerical/administrative position at an elementary school in North County San Diego (not sure if I’m allowed to list the actual school or not so I’ll leave it go) – the position is clerical in nature. One of the criteria of getting hired is taking a physical that is paid by the district. I have no problem with drug testing, etc. as I am not a drug user. What is the reason for taking a job physical to be a clerical worker? Please, can someone elaborate on this? Will I be discriminated against if I am overweight??? I have no health issues, no pre-existing conditions, other than that. Is this even legal, is it becoming the norm today? Please help.

Sarah Fields answers:

The physical is a basic part of the application process for school districts because they want to make sure you’re in good health prior to hiring you, especially if you’re applying for a full-time position (for insurance purposes). Furthermore, they want to know that you’re in good general health, and aren’t going to throw your back out picking up a package of paper, or something of that sort.

It is perfectly legal; most companies require it now, as a self-protection mechanism. The school as an equal-opportunity employer cannot discriminate on the basis of
gender (sex)

And as long as you’re not going to use something that’s pre-existing as a way to shirk your work, then you should not have any problems.

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