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Health Insurance San Diego County Question & Answers

2014 June 11
by Sarah Fields

Chris asks…

Giving birth with Medi Cal?

My boyfriend and I have great health insurance, but unfortunately, it is still expensive for us to be able to pay for the upcoming hospital and doctor bill for having our son, who is due in three weeks. I’ve been seeing a doctor who does not accept Medi-Cal, but the hospital he services (Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles) does accept Medi-Cal for delivering mothers. I’d like to give birth at that hospital, I really don’t mind on the doctor as much at this point.

I found that I was eligible for Medi-Cal, so I applied, received a card, and the like. Unfortunately, my personal case workerand every other one I’ve contacted are not native English speakers, so its difficult to communicate my questions and concerns with him or any other case worker. My questions are for the mothers that have given birth through the Medi-Cal system, or Medi-Cal caseworkers themselves who deal with pregnancy cases.

First off, what exactly does Medi-Cal cover when it comes to delivery? Do they cover the on-call doctor for that day who delivers you? Do I have an already assigned doctor who I have to report to or call? Do they cover epidurals, hospital stay, circumcision? Anything else should be aware of? If anyone could walk me through the process that would be great!

Sarah Fields answers:

Medi-Cal covered my last pregnancy for me without any co-pays which is awesome.

I’m not sure why some people on here are saying they cover circumcision though?? Medi-Cal does not cover this! These days, that is considered cosmetic surgery and they same doctor that took care of my my whole 40 week pregnancy and delivered my son also did his circumcision and the insurance didn’t cover it, so I paid cash… It was $200.

I understand your frustrations with the language barrier at times… Even at my first doctors appt on my Medi-Cal, the nurse called me back by pronouncing my name the way it would be spoken in Spanish… I am very white, blond, and bright blue eyes, lol! That’s San Diego County for ya though!

Good luck :)

George asks…

Does anyone know of programs in Oregon that will pay me while I care for my dying mother?

I left my home and family (and bills) in San Diego to come to Oregon to care for my momma who is dying of liver failure. She is given 3 to 9 months to live. In this time I had hoped to find a part time job to be able to pay my own bills. However due to a medication Momma is on I can’t leave her for more than an hour or so at a time to go shopping. She lives in the extreme rural area of Wasco County. There has to be a program available to allow for some cash flow. I know there is in California. Does anyone know where to look? I have done extensive searches online. I was told Senior Services in The Dalles could help but am still finding nothing. Please help!! I’m 48 years old. I have student loans that will be coming due in a month or so and need some help!!

Sarah Fields answers:

Laws vary by state, but you should check with your local Family Health Services. I know in my state, you can take a short “care-giving” course that will license you as a primary caregiver so you can then be paid through her insurance/medicare.

Ruth asks…

Why are so many evacutees at the stadium in San Diego wearing masks? Is it a health precaution?

Is there a high risk of contagious diseases in these crowded areas? Also, are they letting people keep there pets with them? I can’t believe how devestating this is and to think some of these fires are probably arson started! I hope they can find the sickos who started any of these fires. Perhaps they will brag about it to someone just because they are “getting off” on all the exposure what they’ve done has gotten. I’m a bit upset that they seem to be more worried about the rich and famous people’s homes. First of all, they most likely have fire insurance (even if it’s a natural fire and not arson) while the poor may not. Either way, both the poor, the middle class, and the upper class have lost a lot that’s irreplaceable like memories made in their homes, family heirloms, and photographs.

Sarah Fields answers:

A lot of people here are wearing masks and the Mayor has been advising people to stay indoors and not go to work unless absolutely necessary. The air quality is terrible and is extremely unhealthy to inhale.

Yes, they are letting people keep their pets. At Qualcomm, they have a designated area for people who have their pets with them and there are many evacuation centers throughout the county for large animals (i.e. Horses).

FYI – the San Diego fires are not a result of arson. We got less than 3 inches of rain this last year and have terrible Santa Ana winds that are blowing up to 80 mph in some areas. There are also 8 fires in San Diego county, not just one.

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