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Health Insurance San Diego County Question & Answers

2013 October 13
by Sarah Fields

Steven asks…

Where in southern California can I house my mother who is mentally ill?

Also, are there any kind of government programs that can help?

Sarah Fields answers:

It depends on if she has insurance and what not. I live and work in southern cali and have been on both sides on the mental health system. I have been in multiple hospitals and now I work in a treatment facility here.
There are mental hosptals
There are treatment facilities
Social workers
There is San Diego county mental health (which you can go to when you do and don’t have insurance)

Yes there are gov. Programs that can help….gov. Insurance, disability, doctors, pay for medicines……so on

Email me more detailed questions and I will try and help you out.

Betty asks…

What do you do when you need help w/ depression but don’t have the money for it?

I’ve never been diagnosed with it, but some of my immidiate family members have it. And i’ve been thinking that life really is pointless and thinkin about suicide and cutting myself again (I stopped cutting a few years ago). But the thing is my insurance is about to run out. But i really want/need to talk to someone. And i dont know what to do

Sarah Fields answers:

STOP—do not think that way. The County of San Diego (where I live) has a Health and Human Services Department—Your county has one also—call them they have very low cost doctors available. PLEASE Read this I have enclosed several phone numbers below. Don’t hurt yourself—it also hurts other people—-your family of coarse—even people you don’t know—people like ME—I really care! So STOP and listen to me, PLEASE!!! I have a plan of action –>(#1) Call these phone numbers:
Boys town national hot-line ((not just for boys))

USA national suicide hot-lines:

Youth America Hotline:

American Psychological Association:

Covenant House Hotline:

Youth Crisis Hotline:

National Adolescent Suicide Hotline:

Help Finding a Therapist:

Boys town is the best. They’re really there to help you.
School and personal experience.

(#2) Prayer Saved Me–I have just prayed for you to have PEACE of Mind, Body and Soul to our LORD— May God Bless and SAVE you. AMEN

(#3) Please don’t give up —This is the hardest thing you will ever have to bear and the GOOD NEWS is that you can get through this and possible be the one who save another person– since you’ve been there you really know what it is like—-we NEED you in our world—LOVE, a Friend

Sharon asks…

Help me decide what to do?

Okay- here’s the basic question. Should my husband and I move across country to San Francisco?

Pro’s for moving;
I don’t like the cold winters of New England.
I get very sick with the change of weather every year.
I hate the snooty people that live here.
My family has major issues and I’d like to be away from them.
I have my 2 best friends that are moving back to Cali.
I don’t own anything here and I have no kids.

I’m scared of such a big change
I finally found a job I love- where I’m respected, the health insurance is great, they will pay for further schooling and I will run the department in a few years- I’d be giving that up.
What if I hate living there?
I’ve been here my whole life and I know where everything is.
We’d have to start over again

This is truely eating me up. If you have any helpful suggestions I would love to hear them. Thanks
I think a lot of the reason I want to move is because of the really cold winters here. I get bronchitis EVERY year!
The other half is because of my two best-friends. You don’t find friends like these two every day and they have to move back to Cali. They’ve been through so much and they are strong (as strong as they can be after all they’ve been through). It breaks my heart to think of not being near them. You know how sometimes your friends become closer than family? That is the case here.
I really appreciate all the responses- it is making me think.
I not running to or from- I want to run “with” : )

Sarah Fields answers:

I don’t know if SF is the best choice for you, a suburb around SF might be a little better idea. The winters aren’t cold in SF compared to NE but you’ll probably find the summers pretty cold, especially in western SF near the ocean. And it’s always cold at night and in the morning the bay area; it never stays above 60 at night there. During the day in SF it’s usually 60-68 during summer and the wind and fog just suck. Suburbs in the east bay and penninsula are warmer, especially ones in inland valleys. I grew up in Walnut Creek and it’s in the 80’s during summer. And if you hate snooty people you will probably not like the city of SF. That place is full of pseudo-intellectual, pretentious snobs that think they know everything. People in the Bay Area are really cool and down to earth overall, but the cities of SF and Berkely are a whole another story. SF attracts a lot of weirdos, psuedo-intellectuals, and some of the most arrogant, narrow minded “liberals” you will ever meet. I’m not conservative or trying to talk bad about liberals, but “liberal”takes on a whole new meaning in SF. The city is just too PC and full of self righteous pricks. Avoid SF, Marin County, and Berkeley b/c some of the people there. The East Bay has the most down to earth and laid back people.

If you have your heart set on the Bay Area then try some of the other suburbs. Walnut Creek is a great suburb with one of the best downtown scenes in the Bay Area and is a highly desriable area. But if you are not set on the Bay then check out San Diego. The weather is much better than the Bay Area and if you hate seasons and weather changing then you’ll like San Diego; pretty much sunny and mild year round and usually around 70-75, low humidity and it rarely rains.
People in SD are really nice, down to earth, and really laid back. I think the nice weather puts people in a good mood too. People down here are not pretentious at all; you see 40yo professionals wearing board shorts and flip flops all year long riding around on a beach cruiser. And there are a lot of tranplants from New England here, especially Boston, and not the snooty ones too. So you’ll probably meet people from your area, especially at the Boston Red Sox bar in Ocean Beach. Housing is also cheaper in SD than in the SF Bay Area, you can get a place near the beach for less than what you’d pay for some crappy 100 year old apt in SF. SD isn’t as nearly as crowded or congested as SF either. It’s still a big city with tons to do, but kind of has a small town atmosphere to it. There is always something going on or something to do; you can be outside year round so if you like the outdoors or sports it’s a great place for that. And the scenery is great; beautiful beaches, mountains and desert close by, and most communities are built on top of mesa’s bisected by wide, natural canyons so there is a lot of open space within the city. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I was born and raised in the Bay Area and have lived in San Diego for the past six years.

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