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Health Insurance San Diego Kaiser Question & Answers

2013 July 15
by Sarah Fields

Helen asks…

Moving from Colorado to San Diego..need info on insurance.?

I have kaiser with my husbands job..we are planning on moving back to san diego so I will not have insurance I will be around 36 weeks I wanted to know if anyone knows what insurance I can get so I don’t have to pat a fortune for delivery?

Sarah Fields answers:

Try these places:

Blue shield

conact first resort when you get here to california. Maybe they can refer you to some places as well.

Also there are kaisers in southern california. Maybe your husband can appl for COBRA


Ruth asks…

Kaiser health insurance?

I have a 4 year old toddler, and its me and my husband.
Can I get on Kaiser?
I live in San Diego Ca.
We both make together in salary around 90,000 a year,
How much is Kasier?
Thank you!

Sarah Fields answers:

~~Kaiser’s prices vary depending on age and plan. If you have a good health history, you stand a very good chance of being accepted. There is no way to give you a estimate on what it could cost because you need to know which policy you choose, age, health history.

I believe there is information on their website which would give you a clear understanding of what they have available. So go to:

Sharon asks…

How come I can’t medical or insurance ???!?

Hello I’m a 20 year old and I live on my own.
I use to have medical Owen I was under 18 && lived with. Y moon but now I’m 20&& live on my own.
I tried applying for medical and I got denied because I make like 100 more than the limit.

Where can I can I apply for a low healthy plan .
I do live on my own and have bills to may. It I wanna be healthy.
Someone please help no d mb answes (you don’t look cool)

I live in California San Diego.

Sarah Fields answers:

You can apply for health insurance from Anthem Blue Cross, from Blue Shield of California, from Kaiser, or from any other company that sells health insurance to individuals under 65 where you live.

The typical price for a person who is 20 years old is between $50 and $100 per month.

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