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Health Insurance San Diego Low Income Question & Answers

2013 November 3
by Sarah Fields

Thomas asks…

Does anyone know of a dentist that will do your teeth based on income in SD?

I live in San Diego, and I’m looking for a low cost dentist. So far the lowest price I’ve been able to find is $1800 at La Maestra dental clinic for two root canals and 5 cavities, and a deep cleaning. I’m a single mom on welfare and WIC and I’m going to school right now. So I literally make nothing. I don’t care how far I have to drive. Even if its two states over I’ll go. So can anyone give me any help?
I *have* medi-cal already, but I’m over the age of 21, so I can’t get denti-cal. I just need dental coverage

Sarah Fields answers:

Your income should qualify you for free state health insurance. You should look into that, you won’t even have co-pays.

Nancy asks…

How do I get a modification for my home mortgage with Wachovia with whom I am having trouble?

I live in San Diego, CA. My loan is for $550000 and I am one payment behind. I’ve been calling since March to renegoiate my loan and I seem to be getting the run-around. The late fees are a problem as well as the payment. And I can’t afford to keep going this way.

For example, I called them in March when I first had the problem and they told me that the new modification would be available in a few weeks. One rep said I should pay the back payment, then I would be current and then they could work with me. In April I had the same problem. Another rep said that the Obama plan was not available yet and to call back. Called in May, June, July and now August. Today I got 3 different people with 3 different scenerios. Also one rep said to get current and they could work with me while another rep from Wachovia said not to get current if I wanted the Obama plan. As of today, Wachovia stills does not have the mortgage plan in place — there “debugging” their software. It may be available in a few weeks. The rep said to call back in a few days. I feel Wachovia is lying. Has anybody in CA received a modification loan from them? –How did you do it? Has anybody had similar problems? Are there any government agencies that can add pressure to Wachovia?

Sarah Fields answers:

No, there are no government agencies that will put pressure on Wachovia, however, you can apply for the federal government loan modification program. I’ve attached an article that gives you the steps that you have to take to see if you qualify for this program. You do not want to delay. The program expires in the spring.

The loan modification program is for people that are having trouble making their payments or are behind on their mortgage payments so it sounds like it would be a good fit for you. There are other requirements. Your mortgage had to originate before January 1, 2009 — so if this is a new mortgage you won’t qualify. Your home has to have four or fewer units. If you have a big apartment complex you won’t qualify. Your current mortgage payment must be greater than 31 percent of your pre-tax income (you can include insurance, home owners payments to the mortgage amount to figure out if it is high enough to qualify). And you must have some sort of documented financial hardship to explain why you cannot make the payments now. Did you lose your job and get one that pays less? Did you have a health problem that prevented you from working? You get the idea.

The other option is a refinance with the federal government program, but you can’t have more than 30 days late in the last 12 months. The refinance option helps to lower your monthly payments to something that you can afford. Don’t give up.

Lisa asks…

What does it take to be a police officer? Differences in jobs? Swat?

Currently I am 14 years old, Freshman in Highschool, and I am interested in become a police officer later in life. I am curious for general information, such as what is the average income and benifits of it, as well as what kind of education is required. If I get C’s B’s and some A’s would that be fine, if a bit harder to find work? Or is it like a docter where great grades are needed? How many years of college?

Does education vary for different locations where I would work? What if I worked somewhere like San Diego, LA, or like Detroit?

Also, what is some different jobs are there, such as Highway patrol vs a regular patrol officer, and what others are there? What are some specific differences?

Also any information you got on being a SWAT member greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Sarah Fields answers:

Every police department has its own educational standards. Some require a HS Diploma or GED. Others require some college, others require a degree (some 2 year, some 4 year). But, it makes no difference what your course of study is.

To become a police officer, you will have to meet the minimum age, education and residency requirements, pass the written and oral tests, clear the background and credit check and pass the physical and psychological examinations.

There are thousands of different police depratments in the US, and all have individual pay scales, organizational tables and type of assignments. Everyone starts in patrol, and after a period of time, become eligible for certain speicalty assignments.You don’t start out as a SWAT officer. You have to get hired by a police agency that has a SWAT Team (either one of its own, or it participates in a regional SWAT team). . When eligible by that department standards, you can apply for SWAT training. Be advised, SWAT is not a full time job in most police departments (in fact, it is in only a very few). Team members perform regular police assignments until there is a call-out.

That poor nasty, cop hating fellow, Kyle, was right about one thing. Real life police work is not at all like what you see on television. Unless you watach “Cops”. And even that is a little “dramatized” because those eguys know they are being filmed. There are many dreary, boring days and nights. It is tough to work in any type of weather, working shift work on weekends and holidays.

In some parts of the country, the police are paid a decent wage and have good benefits (health * life insurance, pension etc.) In the south and southwest, police salaries tend to be much lower.

I hav been a police officer for almost 40 years. While it hasn’t always been “fun” it is a good paying, decent job.It is a front row ticket to the greatest show on earth. I have saved lives, I have changed lives, I have put Murderers on death row and I have made a thousand friends (and a thousand enemies). Of course, there are a few thousand nitwits like Kyle out there, but those folks are really in the minority, so we have just learned to ignore them.

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