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Health Insurance San Diego Question & Answers

2014 October 14
by Sarah Fields

James asks…

what are the steps in putting up a home child day care in san diego?

Me and my husband are planning to buy a house and I am thinking while I am finishing up my nursing degree I am goin to put up a child day care in the day and attend nursing classes at night.

But what are the steps to put up a day care? such as do I need to take cpr and first aid certification first? Insurance? I am confused on which step I should do first.


Sarah Fields answers:

Those items are the least of your worries !
You need to be state licensed first….
You need to be inspected by the fire department,Health, and SAFETY.enroll in nutrition classes for kids, and be aware of programs for low income families.
It’s not easy like selling lemonade on the corner like you may think…………There is much more to it.

Maria asks…

who should i contact to obtain a delivery insurance in San Diego Ca. area?

Hi I’m Mexican with legal mexican visa I will like to have my baby at USA i’m still not pregnant but i’m thinking to get this year , some of my friends had their baby’s on USA and they did not pay for it and now they can’t take their baby to USA cause customs ask her for payments , i don’t wanna do this i do wanna pay and i was advise about a delivery insurance how can i get one ?

Sarah Fields answers:

I’ve never heard of insurance thay only covers the labor & delivery.. That seems like the insurance company wouldn’t make any money.
Maybe call the hospital you want to deliver at and ask them what thay can suggest. Also, I doubt that the customs agents know anything about your friends hospital bills, either she made that up, or they are messing with her for some reason.
If you have a legal visa then you should be able to purchase private health insurance, it is expensive though.

Ruth asks…

Why do Jewish-run companies refuse to provide health insurance for employees?

It is not a “bigoted” question, it is based on personal experience. When I was looking for a job, every time I went to a Jewish-run company, they always said that they do no offer any type of health insurance.

So, why is it? Is it a religious thing? Or a stereotype (cheapness) that is actually true, in this case?

Sarah Fields answers:

Well, then don’t apply for jobs at “Jewish-run” businesses.

Did you know that UPS (United Parcel Service) DOES NOT have bennies for it’s workforce that’s part time??

And over 80% of UPS employees are NOT “full time”…….And that’s NOT a “Jewish-run” business, last time I looked at my stock dividend check………

When I worked for the County of San Diego, I DIDN’T HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE EITHER. City and State employees do here in CA, but NOT county employees……….go figure???

Christopher K.


And what about Tyson Foods Inc., that actually had to BUILD a temple for their Somali (political refugees) Muslim employees (they MUST pray 5 times a day), yet NO other “religious” group gets any “compensation” whatsoever. Where’s THAT going???

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