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Health Insurance San Diego Question & Answers

2015 June 13
by Sarah Fields

Lizzie asks…

Are there any good san diego psychiatrists that specialize in treating avoidant personality disorder?

I’m looking for a psychiatrist/psycologist/counselor who specializes in this type of mood disorder that accepts insurance (PacifiCare).

Depression, anxiety, isolation, alcoholism, sexual issues, are my symptoms. Looking for somebody who uses CBT.

Sarah Fields answers:

Skilled professionals-medical doctors, licensed therapists, and certified substance abuse counselors-work with clients in an attractive, professional atmosphere that offers non-traditional surroundings where individuals can begin to regain their health.

James asks…

Does anyone know how to get a cheap dental cleaning in San Diego?

I don’t have dental insurance or anything. I think my teeth are in decent health, but I want to get a routine cleaning and checkup done. Any suggestions?

Sarah Fields answers:

Southwestern College in National City has a free dental hygiene clinic. All services are free and you would be helping a student meet their requirements for graduation! Win, win! They are closely supervised by faculty and have to do a lot of preparation before they are allowed to work on actual people so you don’t have to worry about some one being totally clueless! The only down side is that sometimes it takes a little longer since they are students and have to go through a lot of protocol. If you are interested call (619) 216-6665

David asks…

can a health insurance company limit the days my son can stay home from school?

im in San Diego and i have Kaiser permanente and i heard they only kids have 1o days of absence is this true because i cant find it anywhere?

Sarah Fields answers:

Of course not!! All a health insurance company does, is pay some of your medical bills!!

It’s up to YOU to decide if you’re sending your child to school or not!

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