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Health Insurance San Diego Question & Answers

2015 July 11
by Sarah Fields

Sharon asks…

Where can i get health care in San Diego CA if i don’t have money or health insurance?

I used to had health insurance because of my dad’s work but not anymore and I don’t have money either

Sarah Fields answers:

Go to Tijuana, Mexico!

Charles asks…

What is the average cost for teeth cleaning?

And… is dental insurance worth it?
from San Diego, CA

Sarah Fields answers:

The costs for a cleaning vary wildly not just in an area but Dentist to Dentist. A cleaning alone may be around $150, but if deeper work is needed then you are looking at a substantial amount more. If it has been a while since you’ve had x-rays, many Dentists will require them. Then there is a consultation fee at the end of the visit. All these costs can add up, including the Fluoride rinse at the end. Your best bet is to call a local Dental office and ask them, according to when you had your last cleaning, xrays, etc. If you have current xrays at another Dentist, how much it will be. They will need a release of information from you to have the other office release copies. This may save you a considerable amount, as many of the Pan. X-rays can cost from $65-$100. Many Dentists require one every 2 years, but most Dental insurance companies only pay for them once every 5 years. I have worked front office and back in a Dental office as well as for a health/ dental insurance company. The rates change every year, and through every Dentist. If you have questions regarding Dental offices in your area, Please try this website. It is the American Dental Association and it can provide you with far more details on Dentists in your area, including office hours and contact information. Dental insurance is definitely worth it. Most plans are a 100-80-50 Which means this, 100% preventative is covered, xrays, cleanings, consults, and usually 2 emergency consults per year. (This is a broad generalization and can be tailored according to your plan). 80% of basic treatment covered, such as fillings, etc. Depending upon the type of filling and how complex, you may only have to pay around $40 for a basic filling. (Once again, this is all dependent on what your Dentist charges) and 50% of Major work. Crowns, bridges etc. At $650 for a basic crown, 50% is a definite plus! You can contact your Dental insurance company to get local dentists in your area that accept their plans. This means that they have entered into a contract with the dentist that they will only charge a specified amount (agreed upon by both parties) So you will not be charged more than your co-payment and percentage due. Whereas going out of network may subject you to extra charges if a Dentist charges more than your insurance company allows. Good luck, if you have any questions as to some of the dental plans out there, please feel free to email me as I have worked with quite a few and there are pro’s and cons to every one. Have a great day!

Susan asks…

What do my symptoms mean from head bump?

I was hit in the left side of my head in a car accident (my head hit the driver door – no breakage though). Within 3 minutes I got dizzy and felt mentally slower.

I recall events well but I lose my train of thought easily (Not by being interested in something else, but just forgetting the words I was using or thinking of.) When asked my info I was slow to recall it. When someone spelled my name back to me I didn’t say this, but I was unsure that she spelled it right when she read it to me.

I have no bump, it aches a little, not a lot. I still feel a little dizzish.

I don’t have health insurance so I didn’t go to the Dr. in case it was something I’d just sleep off tonight.

I did talk with an ambulance though and they said I was probably just hyperventilating. I’m still dizzy hours later, so I’m throwing that stupid theory out the window.

So meanwhile, yes, I’d love to see a Dr. but they would have to give me some type of scan that would put me thousands in debt.
Ran out of room above….

I have no bump on my head, no swelling or tenderness.

I walk fine, I’m typing i with no problems. I’m just struggling to think of words and recalling information that should be common knowledge.

Another example, I cut a piece of cake with a knife, walked to the kitchen to put the knife in the sink, when I realized I was carrying the cake.

I thought the word ache looked like it was misspelled (I thought it needed a different letter other than “h” in the middle of it)

I also cannot listen to 2 conversations at once. I’m writing this letter, someone spoke to me and I totally tuned him out because I couldn’t do both writing here, and listening to him.

Sarah Fields answers:

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have insurance. If you go to an ER that is not a private facility, they hae to treat you by law and they have social workers who can set you up with groups that help pay your bill. I know of hospitals here in San Diego that have links to organizations that can pay your entire bill. The important thing here is that you go to the Hospital. You don’t even have to pay for the visit now. They can bill you. They will ask for money, but can’t turn you away for not having any and they must by law do all the tests that your injuries warrent. Sounds like you need a CAT scan. Sounds like you may have a concussion if nothing else and SHOULD NOT GO TO SLEEP! Be smart and go to the Hospital. BTW I am a Nurse and have worked ER, Urgent Cares and ICU’s. GO Now! Also, if you have auto insurance or if the other person was at fault, you are also covered.

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