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Health Insurance San Diego Question & Answers

2015 December 6
by Sarah Fields

Sandy asks…

How much money do I need saved up?

My friend is offering me a place to live in San Diego, and I’m wondering just to be safe and so I don’t end up coming back home how much money should I have saved up…Until I can get my feet on the ground I would be paying only 300-600 dollars a month!! I also plan on flying out christmas break to look for jobs, and also putting up a great resume online. THANKS FOR THE HELP

Sarah Fields answers:

Honestly you should have 8 months of living expenses saved up. So if your rent is $500 and utilities are another 200 and food is $200 and gas is $120… That’s a little over a thousand dollars/month. You’ll need $8,000 saved up in that case. If you’d rather live a little dangerously… You can get by on less. This didn’t include renter’s, car, or health insurance, or cable, or cell phone, etc. Write down an accurate budget of what you spend each month and what you’ll have to spend… Ask your friend if you need prices for San Diego. Make sure you have at a minimum… 4 months saved up. Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

My sister has cancer and she needs an operation but she has no health insurance?

She is a single mom and barely makes it does anyone know of any programs that will help her out. In san diego

Sarah Fields answers:

She should check with the hospitals cancer social worker to see what is offered locally. She may qualify for medicare or medicaide. If not there is a program called Hill Burton offered at many hospitals throughout the US which has free or low cost health care. The American Cancer Society has good suggestions for people seeking financial aide:

ACS: Medical Insurance and Financial Assistance for the Cancer Patient

Mandy asks…

How much (roughly) would a flight from liverpool to san diego in about july be?

in pounds? i could go from manchester if it would be cheaper, and i’d be in states for about a week at the most. it’s for comic con!

Sarah Fields answers:

You have to do the research, and be as flexible as possible regarding travel dates and airports.

Check the travel sites (airgorilla, expedia, priceline, travelocity, etc.) and also check the airline websites. I have often (not always, but often) found the best fares on the airline websites.

Check with a real travel agent to ask about promotional fares and special deals.

If you also need a hotel or rental car, check the cost of combining the purchases in a package.

Good luck!


Citizens of about 35 countries can travel to the USA for up to 90 days at a time as a tourist or for some business purposes by registering for ESTA > before < their trip begins. The cost is US$14, which is similar to the fee for the Australian ETA program.


Registering is accomplished online, you don't need the details of your trip, and the confirmation is valid for multiple trips to the USA over two (2) years so don't wait until the last minute.

Print the confirmation – or at least record the number – and keep the information with your passport. Having a return or onward ticket leaving North America is a requirement, so have a copy of your airline itinerary at passport control.

Check with your health insurance to find out if it covers you in the USA. If yes then take proof of coverage with you. If no or not sure then get trip medical insurance, which is cheap and sold by airlines & travel agents. The USA has wonderful medical care but it isn't free or even cheap. Please do not skimp on this as an otherwise-silly accident could turn into a crisis if you don't have medical insurance.

If someday you plan a long visit then DON'T schedule your departure day for the 90th day (any part of a day in the USA counts as a whole day, so if you arrive at 23:59h on the 1st and leave at 00:01h on the 10th it is 10 days in the USA). Schedule your departure not later than the 88th day as there are no (zero) provisions in the Visa Waiver Program for someone to voluntarily extend their stay. If you miss your flight due to something Immigration might consider avoidable (ex. Flat tire on the way to the airport) they may ban you from using the VWP in the future.

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