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Health Insurance San Diego Question & Answers

2013 November 13
by Sarah Fields

Betty asks…

Does anyone know a neurologist that will take TRICARE?

I am looking for a neurologist around the San Diego, CA area that will accept military health insurance. Does anyone know of a really good doctor that will accept it?

Sarah Fields answers:

Get as much resource as you can maybe is one option,however it could be quite time consuming,here is one resource i have had good experience.

Ruth asks…

Which companies in San Diego offer Aetna Health Insurance coverage to employees?

I am looking for companies that offer aetna health insurance coverage to employees.

Please let me know!
More clarification. I currently have coverage under aetna but will no longer be with my current company. I am looking for people that have either worked for companies in the San Diego area that offer aetna or know of a company or two in the area that offer aetna so I can continue to see my same doctors. Thank you for your help!

Sarah Fields answers:

There are literally THOUSANDS of companies doing business in San Diego. Nobody here could possibly know which ones offer Aetna insurance, let alone be bothered to hunt up a list for you.

John asks…

does anyone know an oral surgeon that takes healthy families?

healthy families is a health insurance company for those who don’t know

I live in san diego so i need one near here.

Also how long does it usually take to get in to see one to get your wisdom teeth removed?

Sarah Fields answers:

Your insurance company should have a website with a list of participating providers. If not give them a call and they should be able to recommend someone for you.

How long it takes to get an appointment really varies on the area, how many surgeons work in the practice and in general how much business they do. In general holidays, the summer, and fridays are harder to get appointments.

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