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Health Insurance San Diego Question & Answers

2014 January 12
by Sarah Fields

Charles asks…

Where can I get a vaccination for whooping cough in Austin, TX?

I have to get immunized for whooping cough, and my work just sent me to Austin, TX. My health insurance provider only has locations in San Diego, so I think it would be nice to just get something done in Austin. I did some google searching, but couldn’t find a specific location that I can go to. Anyone have a suggestion?

(If it matters, I have Kaiser Permanente insurance, but the vaccine cost isn’t a big deal)

Sarah Fields answers:

Some pharmacies have them supervalu does at least… Its not just whooping cough though.. Its usually coupled with tetanus and diptheria for about … $60?… Im sure most doctor offices do as well

Lisa asks…

Has anyone been to Operation Samahan dental clinic in San Diego?

Are they good? Any complaints from anybody? How do you feel the price compares to other San Diego dental offices: $45 1st visit/$100 per filling (no health insurance)

Sarah Fields answers:

They are about average, prices are very good

Laura asks…

Was it easy to get a job in health care after attending any career colleges in San diego?

I am interested in going to a school that offers a Medical Administrative Assistant or Medical Billing and insurance program, If any body has attended any type of career college in the san diego area could you tell me the pros & cons, how much tuition was, and if YOU WERE ABLE TO GET A JOB AFTER YOU FINISHED THE PROGRAM?

Sarah Fields answers:

SDV!! Go you Vokies! Love that place! Good luck, I’m glad you share my enthusiasm. It’s a wonderful school.

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