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Health Insurance San Diego Question & Answers

2014 March 3
by Sarah Fields

Jenny asks…

How much does it cost an eye exam in San Diego, CA?

I am studing aboard in San Diego and I lost my reading glasses, how much does it cost to get an eye exam to get the prescription if I do not have insurance? Thanks!

Sarah Fields answers:

If there is a Costo in San Diego call them and inquire if they have an Optometrist.

Costco Optometrist General Eye Health Exam only cost $49 plus a prescription for glasses, and if the doctor choose to dilate your eyes that’s additional $15 (dilation is optional, but it’s good to have it at least every other year)

Maria asks…

How much is allergy test for a person with no insurance?

I’m a full time grad student at University of San Diego. I have been having issue with itchy skin and I think may be allergic to something in the house. How much would it be for me to get allergy test done? I have only been able to sleep by taking Benedryl. Thanks!

Sarah Fields answers:

Nothing depending on new health care law!!

Steven asks…

How to find affordable medical insurance (Family) in San Diego?

I am moving to San Diego on a contract that has no benefit package. I’d like to buy a good benefit package for a family of four.
I need medical, dental …. etc. with reasonable deductible. Any help in pointing me to the right direction is appreciated.


Sarah Fields answers:

You need a trusted adviser to help you through the process of purchasing health insurance so that you understand what you are purchasing. Some may suggest going on line to get a quote but you probably already know that there is much more to health insurance than price.

Ultimately, you are the one who determines the affordability of your health insurance plan by deciding how much you will participate in sharing the cost of your health care with your insurance company.

If you choose a plan that covers everything i.e. Doctors office visits, prescription drugs, preventative health benefits, maternity coverage as well as low deductibles and low copays your monthly premiums will be significant.

On the other hand if your family is young and healthy and you rarely use the health care system you could consider a plan that covers only the major health catastrophe which will result in a relatively low monthly premium. You then can use the monthly premium savings to pay for the occasional doctor visit and still come out ahead.

Check with the agent that writes your other insurance he/she can provide you a health insurance proposal that takes into account your budget and health situation. Be wary of “health discount plans” they do not provide insurance coverage.

Use the Internet to educate yourself but use an agent to purchase the coverage.

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