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Health Insurance San Diego Question & Answers

2014 May 6
by Sarah Fields

John asks…

Does anyone know of a good Lasik Eye Sugery Clinic in San Diego?

I’m considering getting Lasik surgery to correct my eyes. I have seen a few clinics here in San Diego advertising surgery for as low as $299 per eye but as the saying goes” it sounds to good to be true”
What is the average cost per eye and what would be a good clinic here in San Diego to have this done?

Sarah Fields answers:

It is too good to be true. Find a highly recommended honest ophthalmologist that is experienced in performing this procedure.

LASIK or Refractive Vision Correction surgery is laser surgery that can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. No one should have this surgery until they are absolutely sure their vision has stabilized, usually in your early to mid twenties, give or take several years. If you have the surgery prior to total vision stabilization, you will have to have the surgery repeated. LASIK is surgery and has many of the inherent risks of any surgery. It has been a miraculous dream to some and a nightmare that you will never wake up from for others. LASIK is irreversible. Prior to committing to this surgery, you must do your homework and be willing incur the risks and side effects associated with this surgery. LASIK is considered cosmetic surgery and is seldom covered by health insurance and can be quite expensive.

Anyone contemplating LASIK surgery must research the procedure thoroughly and ask lots of questions of your surgeon. You must check out your ophthalmic surgeon thoroughly, ensure that you are a good candidate and check out all the possible side effects. Although LASIK has helped many people, it has also been very detrimental to others even causing permanent blindness.

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Nancy asks…

How long after someone is diagnosed with breast cancer do they start treatment?

So my ex just told me that she has breast cancer, but she is coming to the states (from Spain, shes spanish) for a few months for a job and then planning on going back to school to san diego in august. Shouldnt she stay in Spain to get treatment right away? Thank you.

Sarah Fields answers:

It varies depending on the health facilities accessible.

She should be undergoing talks over treatment immediately but depending on the health facilities she has access to it may take a while (max 1-2months) before treatment starts. If she Private Health Insurance it should start right away and the fund may then pay for further treatment while she is in the States.

It also varies depending on the treatment she has (chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or surgery) whether she can travel or not. I’d talk to her about it a bit more so that if your still willing to help her out you can organise hospitals, doctors etc.

So overall, I’d probably talk to her.

Sharon asks…

If you have a job that covers health insurance how do you knwo if it includes cosmetic surgery?

My father is in the Navy and if it wish he could get lasik eye surgery or even cosmetic surgery for free. I was wondering why is that and i will be entering the apprenticeship program soon for san diego shipyard and i was wondering how do you know if it will cover it for free if nothing is wrong with your face or anything.I myself do have a problem breathing through my nose but not where it think i would need a nose job but i mean if it got to the point i just got sick of it.

Sarah Fields answers:

Cosmetic surgeries are never covered. If they were everyone would have large breasts and straight noses. If you’re having trouble breathing then you can get that fixed, but they won’t break the nose and straighten it. That part is cosmetic.

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