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Health Insurance San Diego Question & Answers

2013 August 3
by Sarah Fields

Jenny asks…

Where can I get free health insurance in San Diego,California?

I need health insurance, but can not afford any because of bills, and paying off college. I realy have alot of health problems, but have no money to fix them, I need free health insurance fast. Please help.

Sarah Fields answers:

Carebear, Health insurance can be very tricky. Since I’m from Idaho I’m not sure about California regulations, so I suggest you visit a nearby insurance agent. Http:// They will be able to help you.

Thomas asks…

Anyone know of where to get cheap vaccinations in San Diego?

My fiance and I are traveling to a country where it is recommend that we get some vaccinations. I’ve called around and it looks like the cheapest clinic can do the minimum required shots for about $400 each and of course health insurance doesn’t cover these “luxury” vaccinations although they do cover if I get sick from them.
Anyway does anyone know of a place in San Diego to get them cheaper?

Sarah Fields answers:

Why are you asking this question in Thailand Travel?

Chris asks…

Where can I do a breast cancer walk that’s not Susan g kolman?

My mother passed away from breast cancer and I want to pay my dues and give back. I was going to do the Susan kolman walk in San Diego but you need health insurance and I don’t have insurance. Anyone know if any walks?

Sarah Fields answers:

Really sorry to hear the sad news. I think first you should try to have the health insurance instead of going to the doctor first. In the mean time you can take some extra care to your body. May apply some physical exercise to your breast may help you feel better.

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