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Health Savings Account Plan Document Question & Answers

2016 January 16
by Sarah Fields

Carol asks…

Can somebody help me with my Persuasive Speech? “The full document is inside”?

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that Enrolling in Healthcare should be Mandatory.

Central Idea: By everyone being enrolled in healthcare we can help boost the economy financial and help not only this generation but the next.

I. The cost of healthcare

A.The recent turmoil in the job market is likely increasing the number of uninsured at the rate of 14,000 a day.

(Now we know why its important to enroll for healthcare you can do )


II. You can help not only the community but you also help yourself by enrolling for Healthcare Insurance
A. President Obama has proposed that workers be automatically enrolled in individual retirement accounts to boost retirement savings. And he wants to try individual responsibility as the default option before sending the cops around to enforce a mandate.

B. You can enroll through AARP who cater to ages 50 and over.

C. Anyone can get retirement because retirement plans do not only apply to the elderly but some people retire due to accident or physical conditions regardless of age.



III. Healthcare Insurance should do Mandatory Enrollment because it can also help boost the economy by being realistic with healthcare cost.

A. This helps 32 million Americans afford health care who do not get it today – and makes coverage
more affordable for many. Under the plan, 95% of Americans will be insured, and this is by

B. It can also boost the economy financially through making it more affordable for the American People.

D. The Benfits of the AARP

Are there any changes I should make? or Advice?

Sarah Fields answers:

So far as it meets the requirements of your assignment there isn’t much that needs changing. How would you respond to the question of how healthcare would be paid for by those who for whatever reason do not have the money for it? If the answer is “with tax revenues”, what about the significant drag upon the economy the necessary tax increases would bring?

Food for thought, as it were.

Steven asks…

Where do I go from here? 23 year old under parents’ rules?

I am a 23 year old with a college degree and I have been working a part time job to pay the bills while looking for a career job. Because my current job doesn’t pay well, I can’t afford to move out of my parents’ home yet and I am dependent on my parents for health insurance. I pay everything myself except rent, which my parents have refused to take from me. I have instead been using the “rent” money to pay down my student loans faster. Otherwise, I pay for my own insurance, gas, cell phone, food, and entertainment (renting movies) and I have never asked my parents to pay for anything nor have I EVER borrowed money from them.

My problem comes with the restrictions my parents subject me to. I have a 10:30pm curfew, I am not allowed to have a boyfriend (as in, I can’t even go out to see him- let alone have him over as a guest), I am not allowed to see friends more than twice a week, I am not allowed to have phone calls after 11pm, I am not allowed to watch certain tv shows, and I must eat dinner at home every evening. This is all coming as a huge shock to me after living away in college for the last four years and only having to put up with their phone calls. Also, because of my parents’ strict rules on contacting anyone but them, I don’t have many friends anymore and I don’t really have anyone to talk to about my problems.

I don’t know where to go from here. I feel so hopeless. I apply to at least two job postings every single day to try to get more work to afford to move out, but I haven’t even had an interview in four months. I’m either overqualified because of my degree or underqualified because of my lack of experience. What should I do from here? I want more than anything to be able to be independent and move away from my parents’ control.

Sarah Fields answers:


you could think about getting some room mates / room mate situation

it will never get better at your home


you sit down with your parents and try to remind them that you are 23, not 13

here is some advice i received (some i took & some i did not), not in any particular order:

– always treat people the way you would like to be treated

– when a door closes, a window opens

– this life you are living now is not a dress rehearsal

– you have the ability to control your life – only you – no one else

– don’t look at the superficial essence of people – look inside of their soul

– if you have to sign a legal document – take it home & review it overnight. Preferably, see an attorney to protect your interests. Remember, if it seems too good to be true – it probably is !

– don’t let people be bullied & don’t be a bully

– every time you make love to someone, you give a piece of yourself away. You don’t have too many pieces inside of you to give away – so be selective

– find the path to your own happiness – you are in charge of your own happiness – you are responsible for how you get out of bed every day & how you plan your day

– do volunteer work – it enriches the soul & lets you see how other people live their lives & survive their day to day existence

– go to the library

– when someone you care about hurts you, you can hold on to anger, resentment & thoughts of revenge — or embrace forgiveness & move forward. Forgiveness frees your soul

– when you get a job ? Save something from each & every paycheck you get – even if it is a dollar – it helps you plan for your future & sets up good habits for savings right from the beginning of your working career ! Place this money in an interest bearing account

– don’t watch tv too much – it fries your brain & can encourage laziness

– don’t use profanity. It is a show of disrespect for yourself & those around you. There are millions of words out there – use them to express yourself !

– challenge yourself – don’t always take the easiest choice given to you or travel a path preferred by others – take chances

– make yourself do something different once in a while

– learn something new every day

– in order to give & receive love, you have to love yourself first – make loving yourself a priority in your life !

– drink v8 juice

– brush & floss your teeth at least two times per day

– drink lots of water – stay away from soda pop

– go to the library or book store – read !

– go for walks

– sometimes, when you can’t smile ? Force yourself to – it encourages your inner psyche to survive the “blues” that come over everyone of us, from time to time

– keep a journal

– listen to music – it keeps you connected to your inner soul & to the universe – all of which are very important to survive on this planet

– always strive for a better education

– encourage people around you – especially strangers

– remember, we are all created equal – g*d does not make mistakes

– never, ever give in or give up


Linda asks…

Angry at health care?

What can you do about it? Seriously. Stop using it? Shop around? What can you do?

Sarah Fields answers:

Start looking at the logical plan to address the system and demand politicians consider it seriously instead of wasting our time with their nonsense.
That means preventative care (physical with follow up). Real medication (no Medicare “donut holes” the really ill are ripped off again.) No bogus ridiculously low “caps” on needed medical procedures. No abuse of the ER. No paying for the silly with the sniffles to go to the doc for free. No more bankruptcies over medical bills. I want THIS plan that ends abuse of the taxpayer, takes the burden off employers, provides price transparency, and ends the rip-off of the US taxpayer at the hands of greedy insurance CEOs (which has been repeatedly documented).


Read the PDF, not the blurb, for the bulk of the plan. Book is searchable on
Cassandra Nathan’s Save America, Save the World
Basically what you get is the Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP programs all rolled into one and OPENED UP to all US citizens and legal residents.
Everyone on it gets:
one physical
one follow up visit
IF needed one ER visit
with co-pays per year
DISCOUNTED prescription meds based on negotiation and bulk buying–savings passed on.

Because it is TRULY affordable, the PREMIUM, CO-PAYS, and what constitutes “catastrophic expense” are ALL needs-based. Therefore, the retired poor, disabled (who are usually poor), and working poor could find that $2K in a year is THEIR catastrophic trigger. Someone with an excellent job and benefits could find his level is $10K–so if he is hit with a heart attack or cancer he won’t go bankrupt.
Funding IS explained in the book and resolves taxpayer abuse right now. No new taxes for people. No employer mandates. No fines. None of that nonsense is needed.

Nathan would also REQUIRE price transparency–prices MUST be posted for procedures. People can shop around and get the best deal as they do with EVERYTHING else in life–NO more surprises.

All private insurance can still exist–doesn’t change that at all. However ALL insurance plans MUST abide by contract law which is ROUTINELY violated with impunity now with legit claims being denied.
Antitrust laws would also be enforced–but, again, with this new insurance, that would make a massive positive change.

KEY point: we would greatly increase the number of slots to MED school, as well as nursing and other allied health fields. NOW we turn away THOUSANDS of well-qualified students. That is stupid. It leads to a great evil that the world pays for–we fill 25% of our residencies with grads from foreign med schools. That means we STEAL from poorer countries who probably PAID the med school ed of the student and will NEVER get a doctor out of the bargain. We also end up with non-native speakers unfamiliar with American culture and mistakes and problems arise. VERY bad policy all around–no one wins. We also ROUTINELY RAID nurses from other countries–with a worldwide shortage of nurses, this is WRONG.
IF we lacked qualified Americans you might want to try to justify this idiocy. We don’t. It’s immoral AND costly to everyone.
Nathan discusses making the ed more affordable as well.
Anyone LEGALLY here (such as foreign students) would be eligible for the plan.
Illegals are NOT to be covered or given any benefits, but there is something addressing their bills. As ER abuse is addressed in general, they wouldn’t be getting away with stiffing the taxpayer like they do now anyway AND you’d see a reduction in the accounting games that hospitals pull as well.

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