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How To Stop Medicare Fraud

2011 December 26
by MANinput1

The medicare fraud hotline receives a lot of complaints every day. It is one of the most pressing issues faced by the medical industry. A lot of people are involved in these scams and they do it in so many ways. The government is now encouraging people to help prevent these frauds because it is something that concerns public interest. Healthcare is a basic service that the community needs, and if these scams will contintue it will cause bigger problems.

Healthcare fraud can be committed in various ways by various sectors. It’s sad to note that the ones who are behind this fraud are also the ones trusted to provide healthcare services for the people. Healthcare practioners and medical equipment suppliers are often the ones guilty of medicare fraud. They are the ones who are involved in the implementation of the medicare program so they do have some form of control. Along the way, they are able to commit Medicare fraud.

There are actually various ways for these people to defraud the government and the citizens. This is the reason why people should be very careful and report medicare fraud in order to stop it. The most common of which is the pricing fraud. This type is usually committed by medical practitioners. they do this by making the patient sign a voucher that they were given an expensive treatment. But what they actually use is the generic or a cheaper brand. Yet the government will have to refund for the amount written in the voucher. It is detrimental to the welfare of the people because the public gets less than what they actually deserve.

Medical suppliers also commit certain frauds. they do so by making patients sign blank vouchers. They will then fill these out with their supplies and ask for a refund from the government.

This scenario is even worse because this time the beneficiaries receive nothing of what they should actually be getting. That’s why we should all help out in stopping this. Anyone can help. if you know something, you can report it to the Medicare fraud hotline.

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