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Hsa Insurance Plans Question & Answers

2014 March 8
by Sarah Fields

Sharon asks…

Does being on medicaid during pregnancy disqualify me for an HSA?

If I already had an HSA and contributed just a little…then got pregnant. The insurance plan I’m on does not cover maternity at all, and I qualify for medicaid for the pregnancy (just covers the prenatal and delivery, then I go off it)…am I disqualified for the HSA in the meantime, or is this one of those “exceptions for a specific illness or disease” according to the IRS?

Sarah Fields answers:

Medicaid isn’t limited to pregnancy coverage, so it would disqualify you for the months that you are on it.

They are talking about overpriced cancer-only policies.

Joseph asks…

How do I pay for my medical bills online using my HSA card?

If my CDHP insurance plan is connected to my HSA bank, why isn’t payee information for charges automatically populated into my HSA bank site? Why do I need to manually enter payee info for all of my charges.

For instance, I lost one of paper bills that was mailed to my house for a medical charge. I see the charge claim on my insurance site, but I have to try and track down the doctor’s information in order to pay the bill. If my HSA bank is connected to my insurance site, why aren’t all relevant charges and the associated payee info automatically pre-populated into the HSA bank site….OR EVEN MORE CONVENIENTLY, why is there not an option to “Pay This Charge With My HSA Funds” option right on your claims summary page? Just a lot of administrate bureaucracy — it’s 2013.

Sarah Fields answers:

You’re better off not having them linked. If the bill isn’t accurate, have fun getting your money back. Just get a debit card and fill out the information when the doctor bills you (after you’ve compared to your EOB) and mail back. It’s easy and painless.

Paul asks…

Can HSA funds contributed from last year be used to reimburse Vision expenses with FSA?

Had HSA in 2010 – stopped contributing this year and switched to better insurance plan plus FSA.

I had to purchase contacts with my HSA money because they were expensive. Can my FSA funds reimburse me for this purchase and be put back into my HSA?

Sarah Fields answers:

No. You can’t take this year’s money from the FSA, and put it into your HSA. You can’t put ANY money into your HSA when you don’t have that qualified high deductible insurance plan.

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