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Individual Health Insurance Arizona Question & Answers

2015 June 2
by Sarah Fields

Chris asks…

Why are Liberals convinced there is a “Health Care” crisis?

Everyone can have health care they just have to PAY FOR IT! For the people who can’t afford it there is medicaid. All the liberals are just repeating the lies. I work in health care and ANYONE can have medical care!

Sarah Fields answers:

I love how people answer this question with rudeness and negativity and give nothing to back up their statements or beliefs. Yes there are people who currently can’t afford health care, but you know under the current proposal there are still going to be 10 million Americans who don’t have health insurance (and that’s what the Democrats are saying). But as you stated there is medicaid which defers from state to state on who is elgible (see links below) and by the way the Medicaid web site (first hot link) states even if you don’t know if you qualify apply anyway (who knows maybe your not elgible and will slip through the cracks). And for those of you state not everyone can get health insurance your full of it. Maybe if you didn’t live outside your means you could afford it, maybe instead of buying that house with the $1800+ mortagage you really can’t afford you should rent an apartment and get your health insurance it’s all what’s important to each individual. Oh and by the way no and I repeat no emergency room can turn away a patient in need of immediate care (and illness like pnemonia and bronctitis if gone untreated do qualify for immediate care). And more and more you’re seeing “wellness” clinics open around the country and these clincs are willing to develop payment options (as are other hospitals) to pay off your bill just ask and live within your means.

The problem with American Health Care isn’t that everyone doesn’t have it or everyone can’t afford it it’s the billing done by both the hospitals and insurance companies (neither of which are addressed in the current health care bill). Here’s a great example my wife and I just had our second child in May her insurance was billed over $10,000 of which we ended up having to pay $2500 not bad, but in June of this year The Arizona Daily Star (my home state and where I live) ran on artile (third link below) stating Tucson Medical Center’s was marketing materials to foreign citizens about matternity packages that cost $2,300 cash for a vaginal birth, with all the amenities (the same as my wife had). What’s wrong with this picture they can charge less for foreign citizens but charge American citizen 4 times that. That’s what’s wrong with our health care system if Doctors didn’t have to charge so much because of mal-practice insurance and hospitals didn’t charge so much to make up for emergeny rooms not recouping money you wouldn’t have this problem, health care would be affordable.

Yes there is a small crisis but “liberals” only want to pass legislature for votes not because they care, don’t believe me look at the insurance Congress gets (and it’s for their families as well) and it’s continued even after they leave office.

David asks…

What is a good inpatient anorexia clinic or hospital?

Sarah Fields answers:

Depending on your religious faith, Remuda Ranch has a good long standing history. Dieticians and physicians recommend it. It’s in Arizona on a horse ranch. I think it takes health insurance.

Deciding to go inpatient is a personal choice, and a medical one. Life threatening situations oftentimes demand it, however it is my belief that inpatient eating disorder facilities should be pleasant, compassionate and have a full medical, dietary, and counseling team that have been fully trained in the illness. Absolutely call around the nation. Ask questions and demand answers.

Good questions to ask:

1. Where are you located?
2. Do you take insurance?
3. How much is the cost?
4. How long is the average stay?
5. Do you have a brochure?
6. How large is the facility?
7. How many staff members are there?
9. What is the ratio of staff to patients?
10. How many drs, dieticians, and clinicians do you have?
11. Is the staff trained/certified in eating disorders?
12. Will there be one-on-one counseling with drs, dieticians, and clinicians?
13. Will there be group therapy?
14. What methods are used for eating?
15. Is punishment used when an individual does not eat?
16. Will there be arrangements for continuing outpatient treatment?
17. Are you accredited ie. By the Joint Commission?

Good luck in your endeavors

Donna asks…

Would Americans be healthier if America had universal healthcare?

Sarah Fields answers:

Yes, because there are so many people living in the US without any health care at all. The USA is the only for profit health care country in the world. That means the Big insurance only want to insure the younger, healthy individuals and will try and get rid of those who get too costly. They don’t care about people because they are in the business of making money. Big Pharmaceutical can charge anything they want for their meds because they have little Competition; if they hold the Patton for a certain drug they will keep that drug from becoming a cheaper generic for years.A little know fact is that for every prescription he writes the doctor gets a percentage and so does the pharmacist.
The USA receives generic drugs from Canada for the veterans but won’t allow us citizens to buy drugs from Canada. In Arizona bus loads of senior citizens travel to Mexico to see Doctors and to buy their meds because they are much cheaper than in the US.

I find it somewhat disturbing that there are some people out there that still believe that hospitals and doctors, are required to treat them for free or without insurance when they are not. Hospitals and doctors can, and do, refuse to treat patients for a variety of reasons. It takes a lot of money to keep a hospital going and if they were to treat everyone without insurance they wouldn’t last a year.

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