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Individual Health Insurance Arizona Question & Answers

2015 December 19
by Sarah Fields

Mark asks…

Republicans, the least Obama can do for us is give us welfare?

1) Senator Marco Rubio is rushing to turn on its head the concept that he is “anti-illegal immigrant”, after making the greatest faux pas a year ago when he proposed doing in Florida what the Americans did in Arizona: tighten the screws on rampant illegal immigration. He is now proposing a plan which includes citizenship, all because he expects 11 out of the 18 million illegal immigrants to vote him into the White House come 2016. I personally don’t think it will happen because Central Americans and Mexicans don’t forget anything easily!!!

2) Rubio’s plan or Obama’s plan–or both together–will change the workforce, the economy and the future of the U.S. in a way that maybe only the best economists know. It does not look farfetched if you start to think that 11 million individuals will now be “completely legal” to apply for Social Security retirement checks, for disability checks (supposedly there’s only 2+ years left of Supplemental Security Income), and they will NOT need to have a child under 18 to apply for food stamps and/ or MEDICAID. And of course all those over 65 and those will certain illnesses WILL immediately qualify for MEDICARE.

3) The illegal immigrants–mostly Mexicans, who even after George W. Bush and Obama have distributed literature concerning food stamps in all the Mexican consulates even before the Mexican nationals step into the U.S. so they can apply for food stamps, and after applying have been rejected NOT because they are illegal but rather because they don’t qualify on account of holding two or three low paying but steady jobs–those who are completely strong and healthy and DO always work, as soon as they have their Alien Registration Card (the so called green card) WILL demand better pay. No longer will they be working for 7 or 8 dollars an hour. Probably 10 or 12 would be more than sufficient in many cases. But natural born Americans still demand at least $14 an hour pay.

4) Americans WILL not get $14 minimum wage for the next two decades probably, so legalizing illegal immigrants WILL NOT help boost American worker morale. And work unions are going down fast!

5) Republicans criticize Democrats as “welfare givers”. But have Republicans stopped to think that there are millions of Anglo and other non-black, non-Hispanic, U.S. born or U.S. legal immigrants who DO NEED help making ends meet because their health DOES NOT allow them to have two or three part-times as Mexicans and Central Americans do.

Are these non-black, non-Hispanic, non-illegal people in the U.S. left to fend for themselves unable to pay health insurance (and yes Obamacare is coming up March 23 but it’s probably no good to those who don’t have a steady or good job), so what about these people who are not able to make enough to put food on the table????

To all those who think that WELFARE or entitlements for U.S. citizens and U.S. legal residents is something bad. How do you feel now that 11 million out of the 18 million illegal immigrants most WILL qualify for all those benefits?

Do you still think it’s a sin or a crime that U.S. born or legal residents obtain some form of help from the government? Is it bad Obama gives WELFARE to all, or it doesn’t count when it’s given to illegals?

Last time I checked most of the huge and small public hospitals in the U.S. which had declared bankruptcy or were on the verge of declaring it, are in that situation NOT only because illegal immigrants in the last 20 years have used the emergency rooms as their own private doctor and the medicines which cost anywhere between $200 and $400 a bottle are given them for $6 or $9 the most. I KNOW BECAUSE I’ve witnessed this repeatedly and because even for those “visiting” the city when they go into hospital they DO NOT pay for their medical records. The first time I saw this was precisely 22 years ago. U.S. citizens and legal residents DO have to pay for records. No wonder the hospitals are bankrupt!

Sarah Fields answers:

No, the LEAST he can do is quit, in fact that is the only thing he can do, if he did resign that would be the only honest thing he ever did

Charles asks…

Which state has the best services and support for the care & treatment of people with serious mental illness?

I currently live in Florida and care for a 30-year-old WM roommate with serious schizoaffective disorder. His delusions, paranoia, and mania are getting worse. I moved to a smaller town, thinking that it would be more peaceful for him, but he’s only withdrawing more into his fantasies/delusions about being God and being watched by computers and evil people. His psychiatrist prescribes meds that don’t work (he’s tried most of the atypical antipsychotics); if he gets really out of control, they tell me to call the police, but the police won’t commit him unless he threatens himself or someone else in their presence, which he doesn’t do — he just makes vague statements to me about wanting to kill the families of world leaders, but hasn’t confronted anyone aggressively so far. He’s been committed involuntarily a few times, but the hospital will only keep him for less than 2 weeks, and then release him, even though he’s still symptomatic. He has Medicare and Medicaid. He really needs to be in a place where he can receive longer-term care, but I don’t think Florida is the place.

I think we’d be better off in a state where there is greater social support and places for me to turn, because trying to manage this all alone is growing increasingly difficult for me — but he’s a friend and I can’t just throw him out into the street.

His family lives in Pennsylvania and aren’t willing to be involved at all. He was homeless before I met him 3 and a half years ago.

Thanks for your help. I’m especially interested in hearing from people who are mental health professionals or who care for friends/family members with these types of symptoms.

Sarah Fields answers:

I feel that it is great that your roommate has a friend like you. You are part of his support network. This really will make a difference in his life.

I am bipolar. I know it may not be as bad as your roomate’s disorder. But left untreated it can explode into some violent episodes. It did for me. I was blessed though to have the care and support that I needed.

I live in Nebraska. There are excellent community support programs here. They especially help those who are unable to obtain treatment by thier own means. They have, however, cutback or closed some state-run treatment centers. Mostly because of money. But health care proffessionals and other concerned citizens have been raising quite an opposition. They are seriously looking into ways to counteract these closures. One way they have been doing this is through community support programs which brings the care to the people that really need it. It has shown to be more cost effective and helps the individual to lead a more productive life in the mainstream of society. There are also some private institutions that provide excellent care such as Catholic Charities.

Now, I will say that I have private health insurance through my wife’s work place. I feel blessed for that. But I still am unable to work because of my problems with thinking clearly and being able to withstand pressure. It was hard to get but I am on SSDI and also have Medicare. There is still, though, a lot of out-of-pocket expenses. With no income coming from me, it is really tight around here. What helps is that the cost of living is a lot lower here, especially in rural-small town areas.

My sister is also from Nebraska but now lives in Arizona. She is glad that I am here because she says that Arizona does not offer much support for those with mental illness. Mostly, she says, it comes from lack of awareness and understanding.

I have also taken care of an Alzheimer’s patient, my dad. I did this for 5 years. I know the stress and pressure you may be going through. If you wish to continue in the capacity of adult caregiver, be sure to take care of your health as well. I didn’t. The care that I gave to my dad was out of love and a sense of responsibility, but it worsened a condition that I alreay had.

I hope this helps. I pray that you do hear from some proffessionals. Have you tried doing a web search using “mental health + (state)” or “community support + (state)”? Who knows what you may find.

One last thing: In the mean time, to get some relief, check out to see if there are some faith-based support in your community. These are often times available at no cost though they be somewhat limited in what they can do.

Do you have any ties to a church? Maybe you or your friend are not religious but for me, my faith and trust in God really helped me get over the top of my situation. As crazy as this may sound to some people, my counselor believes that there is a spiritual side to mental illness. This may be the case of your friend especially since you indicated that he has delusions of being God.

I have been a Christian all my life. When I would get closer to doing something that would be pleasing to God and would allow me to use my talents and gifts, I would experience stumbling blocks. Fears and doubts. My last episode brought me to a suicide attempt. Martin Luther writes in his explanations in his Large Catechism that Satan does drive men (people) to suicide. I may have my detractors out there, but at the point that I made my attempt I really felt the struggle between God and Satan. Since then, my counselor has respected my deep faith and convictions and we use them to address the spiritual aspect of my menatal disorder. I am doing a lot better with dealing with my illness.

If you want someone to talk to, I am willing to receive any emails that you may want to send. Just contact me through the Yahoo!Answer email service.

God bless. I will keep you and your friend in my prayers. Go with the grace of God.

George asks…

How many more left over GOP messes will Obama have to clean up?

bwoosh failed wars
gop torture camps
wallstreet banker crooks
big oil scams and corner cutting

Sarah Fields answers:

1. Obama is continuing action in Iraq and Afghanistan
2. Hasn’t repealed the Patriot Act
3 .Hasn’t closed Gitmo
4. Didn’t do much about Goldman Sachs because Geithner was in the mix and only became engaged when the UK banned a G-S trader from The City. Then again Kagan did some freebie work for G-S
5. Allowed drilling of the failed rig, didn’t review the safety plan, didn’t provide sufficient oversight
6. Didn’t pay attention for the first 8 days of the tragedy. Didn’t fast track Gov Jindal’s request to build sand berms to lessen the environmental impact
7. Preferred to wine and dine President of Mexico, allowing Calderon to bash America and Arizona at a joint session of Congress where Democrats gave him a standing ovation. That was anti American to say the least
8. Has caused division within the country because he will not actively enforce illegal immigration and is wasting time, energy and tax dollars on suing individual states
9. Has foisted his bogus health care insurance reform on Americans, not allowing them to opt out
10. In his SOTU he promised to make job creation a priority and didn’t.
11. He promised that the economy would improve through his stimulus packages. It hasn’t.
12. He promised not to rush through bills without proper review. Lied.
13. Tougher rules against revolving door for lobbyists and former officials. Not happening
14. Pay for the national service plan without increasing the deficit. Nope, not happening.
15. “I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.” yeah right.

See attached link for all of the promises made, promises kept, compromises, promises failed.
Oh wait, those aren’t all the GOP. Sorry!

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