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Individual Health Insurance Cost Question & Answers

2016 March 21
by Sarah Fields

Sandy asks…

How do you feel about Hillary possibly pilfering wages to pay for mandatory health care?

Hillary has said she may (and I stress the word may) force individuals to buy health insurance even if they don’t want it. People have compared it to mandatory auto insurance. The difference is if you don’t own a car, there is no need for insurance. How does this possible future government action align it self with self determination, which is a mantra of Liberal democrates.

An Independent

Sarah Fields answers:

I read your question and the first couple of answers, it was all a shock!
In fact it was almost beyond belief!
You are Americans from the Land of the free?
Does that mean free if you have loads of money?
I have been trying for some time to find the relative costs between the UK National Health Insurance “Mandatory” deductions from salary and your Private medical insurance in USA, but it seems your costs vary from State to State?
Now do you folk really believe that we in the UK are Commies, or Socialists?
OK no need to answer that!
Our National Health Service is far from perfect, and its true that if we are rolling in money we can also go ‘private’ but there are those among us that cant afford that, but we have had “Mandatory” deductions from salary all our lives.
These deductions pay for our own future and present medical needs and for those among us that cant go to work because of disability , war injuries etc etc!
We dont all agree of course some of us are a selfish lot ! “F you Jack I’m OK”!
I’m not one of that lot, so if caring for others makes me a Commie, then OK I am a Commie!!!!

John asks…

Our company is dropping health insurance on all 1099 contractors. Do we have to enroll them on COBRA?

- We’re not cancelling their contracts, we’re just eliminating their health insurance since BCBS informed us we needed to extend it to ALL 1099s & the overhead costs would go off the roof.

– So they’ll still be working for us. We’re trying to find some individual insurance alternatives, but the question we want resolved to comply with the law is if COBRA needs to be offered at all.

Sarah Fields answers:

1099 means they’re sub-contractors and not employees…you never had to offer benefits to them to begin with (what a great perk for them!) so you certainly do not have to offer them COBRA, which is for full time employees, not subs. (Basically, a 1099 means they are self-employed as far as labor laws go.)

Helen asks…

Do most colleges offer good health insurance to students?

For example, I attend to 4 year university which has health insurance packages for students, but they are very expensive and I can’t afford. The coverage is up to 100, 000 and deductible $300 and after that 80% coverage. I found out that private individual plans in area near my college for the cost nearly the same offer greater coverage like $1 million and $250 deductible and 100% coverage. I thought that health insurace offered by colleges are cheaper but aren’t always.

Sarah Fields answers:

That sounds about like what most schools offer, if they offer anything at all (not all do). Generally, they offer coverage with high deductibles and less than 100% coverage because that makes the premiums cheaper. Most students can’t afford better coverage, or else they don’t think they need it (when you’re young you tend to think you’re immortal), so they can’t or won’t pay for better coverage.

If you’ve found a better plan that you can actually get, and it’s comparable in price, then go for it. You lucked out–not everybody can qualify for an individual plan, or afford it.

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