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Individual Health Insurance Cost Question & Answers

2013 August 23
by Sarah Fields

Mark asks…

How do I get cheaper prescription drugs?

I am 20 years old and I don’t have health insurance. I have adhd and prescriptions cost about $220 a month for GENERIC adderall, which don’t work near as well. Plus around $100 in doctor visits.

Can I purchase individual health insurance that will cover these costs?(Since it is pre existing)
Also I live in FL and was wondering about medicaid.
What other options do I have?

Sarah Fields answers:

Go to immediate release adderall. All Adderall XR (brand and generic) are made by the same manufacturer.

Chris asks…

Why should people be allowed to refuse health insurance?

I do not see one good thing that can come from not having health insurance, especially if the cost eventually gets paid by those with insurance. My solution is simple, roundup all the individuals without health insurance and let them rot in the prison until they can come to their senses and get the insurance.

Sarah Fields answers:

Nah, let them go on without it.

But when they get sick, they get ZERO treatment until they can prove they can pay for it, and then they should be billed for the entire amount, plus a 25% surcharge “stupidity tax”.

Helen asks…

Why does health insurance through employers cost so much less than individual health insurance?

In the US, if your employer doesn’t offer health insurance, you can still get health insurance for yourself, but it’s much more expensive. Why is that? Why wouldn’t it be the same cost per person regardless of whether it’s through your employer or not?

Sarah Fields answers:

1. Insurance through your employer is “group health insurance”. The premium is based on the health of the entire group and not on you as an individual.

2. Employers often subsidize at least a portion of your premium as part of your compensation.

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