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Individual Health Insurance Florida Question & Answers

2014 January 20
by Sarah Fields

Donald asks…

where can i get cheap individual health insurance in florida?

i’m under 65 and i’m not eligible for employee or medicaid insurances.

Sarah Fields answers:

You have several options to look for Cheap Individual Health Insurance in Florida.

You could check in your yellow pages for insurance agents that specialize in Health Insurance. They could meet with you and review the health plans available and what the best rates are for you.

You could ask your friends and family who they have their plan with and contact their agent or health insurance company for a quote.

Or, you could request health insurance quotes online.

There are two highly respected health insurance quote providers that offer you quick and easy comparisons of Cheap Health Insurance Plans online:

1) InsureMe – they give you up to five free health insurance quotes from top-rated health insurers nationwide. To compare quotes –

2) offers you side-by-side quote comparisons from a large network of health insurers across the country. EHealthinsurance has more than 900,000 clients in the U.S.

If you compare plans and offers through these two providers you may be able to come up with an affordable individual health insurance plan in Florida that meets your needs.

Make sure to consider all the deductible / Co-Pay options so you know exactly how much out-of-pocket expense you will have for any claims. And, beware of any pre-existing exclusions that may apply to you – do you have any current health conditions or problems. Make sure they are covered under your plan.

Good luck to you.

Mary asks…

Is there all-inclusive health insurance for college graduate students?

I’m about to turn 23, and that means I can no longer be covered under my family’s insurance plan…since I have to find my own policy now, is there anywhere I can get information on health insurance policies for grad students (in FL), possibly at a discounted rate? I would also like to find a policy that includes vision and dental, if possible. Any ideas where to start looking? Thanks!
Thanks to everyone who answered! I have a lot of great resources to check into now! I really appreciate it! =)

Sarah Fields answers:

If you are healthy then there are plenty of good places to get a cheap FL health insurance plan.

Some of the top companies to consider include:

1. Golden Rule (United Healthcare)
2. Aetna
3. Blue Cross Blue Shield
4. Humana
5. Assurant

Watch out for plans with very limited benefits like discount programs or from companies with a lot of complaints like Mega Life or United American.

A good independent agent will be able to help you compare plans and find the best deal for your individual needs.

Here is some more information on Florida health insurance:

John asks…

How can I find the best Florida individual health insurance?

Sarah Fields answers:

In the Florida individual health insurance market there are quite a few solid companies:

1. United Healthcare (goes by Golden Rule or Health Choice One in the individual market)

2. Humana (Humana One)

3. Aetna

4. Blue Cross Blue Shield of FL

5. Assurant

In order to find the best FL individual health insurance you will need to shop around and compare rate quotes from at least 3 different companies. Enlist the help of an independent health insurance agent. Here is some more information on individual health insurance and also some info specifically on Florida health insurance:

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