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Individual Health Insurance Florida Question & Answers

2014 July 2
by Sarah Fields

Maria asks…

what is the best insurance in FLorida for a small child that is not hugely expensive?

I am trying to find a good plan to switch my daughter to in Florida. We are waiting to hopefully get Kidcare but if it falls thru does anyone have a plan they love that doesnt cost hundreds a month?

Sarah Fields answers:

There are several good plans available in Florida. Price is going to be a function of where you live and how old your daughter is. Not all companies offer plans in all areas.

The best and most affordable health plan will be with Aetna, Blue Cross (BlueChoice), Humana, or United Healthcare (Golden Rule). It depends where you live. All are good companies (“A” rated by A.M. Best) with good coverage.

Premiums are regulated by the Florida DOI (except UHC is regulated by the Illinois DOI and they do not regulate premiums). Your best bet for a low premium is to look at deductibles of $1,000 to $2,500 with co-payments for Doctor visits and prescriptions. These higher deductibles offer considerably lower premiums and can save you hundreds of dollars a year in premium.

It is a question of managing your risk effectively. Individual health insurance is medically underwritten. This means that if you are not healthy and your are going to cost them money…you will be declined or the pre-existing conditions will be ridered (excluded) or rated up (price increase of 25-100%).

On the other hand, if you are healthy you probably won’t be using your health insurance for much more than preventative care.

Aetna, BCBS, and Humana all have good preventative care benefits that are NOT subject to the deductibles. They also have co-pay options available or included in the product.

I hope this helps.

Michael asks…

Which do you recommend as the best health insurance provider?

I am a soon-to-be 29-year-old male and I need to look into getting coverage – I live in Florida and my first though was Florida Blue but I realize there are probably numerous plans out there, ones I don’t have the patience to look through one by one, for the moment anyway. My annual income is not much, less than $20,000. Can anyone give an opinion?

Sarah Fields answers:

My sincerest opinion is to move to Canada. Seriously, why would you pay some faceless company money for health insurance that will probably not even pay out when you do get sick?.

The average health insurance premium for an individual living in the US is about $183 per month
the average doctors visit will run you about $50

Worst case scenario, if you see a doctor at the fancy offices, it will cost about $100 per visit. Http://
Lets assume you see a doctor once a month (not likely that often at your age), that’s $1200. BUT if you had insurance we will take the average $183×12 and you get $3843. More than 3 times the cost of going at it alone. So by taking insurance you are essentially GAMBLING on your health.

I am Canadian and I pay $0 for health coverage. YES that includes ALL tests and exams, cancer treatment, surgery, ER visits, essentially things that can add up to literally THOUSANDS of dollars I get for free. I have to pay more for my morning coffee than my doctors visit. I have many American friends who have I have met here and say that moving to Canada is one of the best decisions they could make. Instead of paying health insurance premiums and being jerked around by red tape and beurocracy, they are putting the money towards other things like car and mortgage payments, or even simple things like even going out for dinner more often.

Don’t think that you need to choose between the less jerk of a health insurance company. You have other options

Helen asks…

How much is health insurance be a month?

I’m 17 and I have a 7 month old son, and I was wondering how much it be a month in the state of Florida for both of us. I don’t want to hear comments about my age, so please just answer the question for me.

Sarah Fields answers:

We have to comment about your age because as a direct result of “0bamacare” you can no longer purchase individual insurance if you are under age 19.

You options are:
1) You get a job with health benefits, and when you get covered through your job you can add your baby.
2) Baby daddy gets a job with health benefits, marries you, and adds both of you to his plan. If he is over 18 he can get an individual policy and add the baby to his policy and if you are married he can add both of you.
3) Get on welfare and have your neighbors pay for your health care.

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