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Individual Health Insurance Florida Question & Answers

2015 September 10
by Sarah Fields

Thomas asks…

Dental Insurance, What is the best dental insurance in Florida?

I am 20 years old and in urgent need for dental insurance. Is there a separate insurance program for braces or will it be covered along with the basic dental care needs? Thank you, and I appreciate any help.

Sarah Fields answers:

Medical Discount Plan
ideal for those who cannot afford or qualify for traditional health insurance. The companies offer discounted health services for a quite low monthly fee. Benefits include a range of discounts for doctors, hospitals, dental, vision, prescriptions, vitamins, as well as other health services.

Individual & Family Health Plans
This is a major health insurance plan for individuals and families. If you are looking for comprehensive long term health insurance coverage for yourself and/or your family members who are 62 years old or younger – this is the plan to choose.

Short Term Medical Plans
This plan is ideal for individuals in transition. Maybe you have just graduated from college and are no longer covered under your student health insurance or you moved out on your own, and you’re no longer covered under your parents’ medical insurance plan. Or perhaps you’re employed part-time, going to school, leaving home for the first time, or even retiring early. Maybe you’ve found a new job, but your new employer’s group health insurance plan won’t kick in until you’ve been with months.

You can find list of Dental insurance Companies here

Helen asks…

I have endometrioma there will be some health insurance that covers me in florida?

Yesterday I was diagnosed with endometrioma i have no Health Insurance,in the hospital told me it was very likely that I would have to do a surgery,there are any health insurance that will cover me with a pre condition in palm beach county?
Thank you for your help :)

Sarah Fields answers:

You have two options. Getting on a group policy through an employer or getting on welfare. No individual plan will accept you with your health conditions.

Donald asks…

Does anyone knows of a good Health Insurance in Florida?

HMO, PPO or whatever… I need to know asap.
The work insurance is horrible!

Sarah Fields answers:

Here are some of the top health insurance companies that offer individual health insurance coverage in Florida:

1. United Healthcare (Golden Rule)
2. Aetna
3. Humana
4. Blue Cross Blue Shield
5. Assurant

These were ranked in order of those you should consider first to last although they are all strong companies. Here is a link with some more detail on each:

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