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Individual Health Insurance For Dummies Question & Answers

2013 November 9
by Sarah Fields

Daniel asks…

What is your opinion of the pope advocating universal healthcare?

“Justice requires guaranteed universal access to health care.” Pope Benedict XVI

Sarah Fields answers:

He said ‘access to health care’. That sounds weak to me. What we need, now that it’s the 21st century and there actually are cures and treatments that didn’t exist even 25 years ago is affordable HEALTH INSURANCE for all Americans. That is EVERY single American should have health insurance no matter what. If the HEALTH CARE industry isn’t paid the CARE industry will begin to shut down and shut out millions of people. So far doctors and hospitals have been able to pad their bills to make up for loses, but there’s a limit to how long this can go on. For profit HEALTH INSURANCE companies have already priced millions of Americans out of the market and as the number of people who can afford HEALTH INSURANCE drops the price for those left has to increase…further driving people out of the market. This is a classic death spiral for any industry. Enter a fully non profit HEALTH INSURANCE venue..called Medicare. Everyone pays, nobody pays too much. Everyone is covered, nobody is left out. The cost is covered by individual premiums, co-pays and deductibles and tax money. The HEALTH CARE side of this equation stays the same with the exception that the industry has only one INSURANCE provider to deal with and the assurance of being paid in full and on time. Some vague dislike for ‘government’, fueled by an army of right wing radio dummies who pimp for the current health insurance industry has totally muddied the waters about this issue. Medicare is cheaper than ANY of the private insurance companies and best of all using that model nobody is turned downed, overcharged or expelled from the program. There is no logical argument against this. None!

Charles asks…

Who do i call about health Insurance ?

I’m 19 years old and live on my own. How can I get health insurance in my own name since my father is no longer w us and my motherdoesnt ha ve her own ?!

Sarah Fields answers:

If staying on a parent’s plan isn’t an option for you , there are three main ways to get health insurance for yourself.

First, employer-sponsored health insurance is usually your best option, but obviously that’s not an option open to everyone.

Second, you can buy health insurance on your own. Work with a licensed agent online or in your area to see what’s available. It doesn’t cost anything extra to work with a licensed agent and it can give you a broader view of your options. If you’re young and relatively healthy you may have some pretty affordable choices, depending on which state you live in.

If you’re looking for some tips and definitions to help you find the right plan on your own needs and budget, check out the “Individual Health Insurance For Dummies” book that we recently published. We’re giving it away for free in either electronic or print formats. Get your copy here:

Lastly, if you don’t qualify for coverage or can’t afford it on your own, you may have some government-sponsored options. The non-profit Foundation for Health Coverage Education can help you see what’s available in your state. Visit them online at

Best wishes.

Ruth asks…

Is there affordable health insurance out there for someone who has had high blood pressure?

Sarah Fields answers:

What’s “affordable” for one person may not be so affordable for another, but you won’t necessarily be declined health insurance coverage due to high blood pressure, especially if it’s been under control for a while.

If you’re in the market for health insurance, work with a licensed agent in your area or online. It doesn’t cost anything extra to work with an agent and it can give you a better idea of what’s available in your area. An agent can also tell you which health insurance companies are more or less likely to cover you, based on your medical history – and whether or not they’re likely to charge you more as a result of your condition.
If you are declined coverage and employer-sponsored health insurance isn’t an option, you may qualify for government help. To learn more about government-sponsored options, visit or the non-profit Foundation for Health Coverage Education at

For some basic tips to help you get started shopping on your own, check out our book, “Individual Health Insurance For Dummies,” which we recently published and are giving away for free:

Best wishes.

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