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Individual Health Insurance New York Question & Answers

2014 March 10
by Sarah Fields

Helen asks…

What is a good state to buy health insurance with pre existing condition?

An individual policy, diabetic, overweight {a tad} 50 years old.

Sarah Fields answers:

New York or Massachusetts.

Of course, you also have to LIVE in that state. Keep in mind, EVERY state now has a “preexisting condition health plan” as part of the health reform act, but it’s going to COST you more. You can go to the official website,, type in YOUR state, and go find the rates for the PCIP in your state for your age.

Donald asks…

Why do ACA opponents confuse religious liberty with the absolute right to use money as speech?

The 1st amendment protects religious liberty. Some religious affiliated groups(not churches) cried foul over the fact that the ACA required them to provide health insurance that included contraception for women. They cited having to pay for it violated their religious conscience.
As a result; the federal government made an accommodation: private insurers agreed to internalize the cost of the contraception and not pass the cost onto the consumer. Thus; employer money was not actually paying for contraception.
However, some still cried foul saying they weren’t allowed to use their consumer dollars as speech. Is that really religious liberty, however? Courts have ruled that money is speech, but is voting with your dollar an absolute right? Or are they mistaking their strategy to fight contraceptions as religious liberty?

Sarah Fields answers:

Employers cannot and should not garnish wages if its employee do not attend church or does something they object to on religious grounds.

The First Amendment is not under threat. Several states require health insurance companies to cover contraceptives. Lawsuits have already been filed against such laws. The State courts have upheld the laws and the Supreme Court has refused to hear the cases.

28 states already do that by law if you pay the health insurance premiums. The goal of the Obama Administration is to treat contraceptives as preventative medicine and require health insurance companies to pay for it. States like Texas, New York and New Hampshire already do that. The new law only removes the co-pay

Republicans wanted to focus on the religious liberty part of the issue instead of the women’s health part. They did not want to listen to a woman who lost one of her ovaries because she did not have access to contraceptives.

Several states require health insurance companies to cover contraceptives without an copay. The federal law already exempts Churches and it is legal for phyisican to not prescribe contraceptives if objects. No law forces doctors to perform abortions or prescribe contraceptives against their will.

People who understand what is at stake are talking about contraceptives by prescription only. These types of medicine are in same category as vaccinations – preventative medicine. The goal of the Affordable Care Act is no co-pays for preventative medicine. Someone still needs to pay health insurance premiums to get this preventative medicine but no one should pay extra.

If you want more religious liberty for everyone, President Obama’s policies are better. If follow the Republican policies, you are allowing one group to force its beliefs on others using money and the force of law. Contraceptives coverage does not ban religion from the marketplace but allowing companies to restrict contraceptives coverage allows one religion of some to dictate to others. Why should companies get that advantages over individuals? The Republican polcies gives more liberty to some and restricts others and that make life more difficult for women.

Sharon asks…

What is a self-employed health insurance deduction (line 29 form 1040)?

I am self-employed, had a net profit in 2011 and filing Schedule C-EZ. Currently I am a recipient of Healthy New York medical insurance individual plan. May I deduct the premium paid in 2011 for this plan and include paid amount in line 29 of Form 1040? If yes, what document should be attached to my Income Tax Return?

Sarah Fields answers:

If you are self employed and pay 100% of the premium for health insurance, you can take half of it as an adjustment to income on the front of Form 1040.

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