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Individual Health Insurance New York Question & Answers

2013 August 20
by Sarah Fields

Lisa asks…

What happens to my health insurance if I was to close my small business?

I’m a small business owner who will be closing doors over the next few months. I currently have health insurance under the corporate plan but was wondering what happens when I close. I pay the premiums monthly but believe it’s an annual plan that renews in Apr. Would I have to keep my S corp active to continue receiving the benefits? I reside in New York if that makes a difference. Thank you in advance for any insight one can provide.

Sarah Fields answers:

You switch to an individual plan.

George asks…

Is there any documented proof for successful treatment of cardiomyopathy with stem cells?

If so, where is it available in New York? Is it covered by health insurance, if not how much does it cost?

Sarah Fields answers:

Perhaps this website can help you in your research to find out whether there are treatments for this:

If you continue to do research, my suggestion is to look for it using the word “adult stem cells”. The reason being that adult stem cells are producing treatments & embryonic stem cells are not, so on embryonic stem cell sites, you’ll find no information about treatments (

From the Do No Harm website, here is a page that may contain information you’d be interested in: (in far right column underneath the scoreboard there are a set of fact sheets, one on heart treatments).

Concerning health insurance, it probably depends on your individual insurance company & policy. Once you find a place & doctor that will help you, you should be able to give that information to your insurance company & they should be able to tell you whether it’s covered or not.

Best wishes.

David asks…

Health insurance with pre existing conditions?

I am needing help finding health insurance for pre existing conditions. Does anyone know of any company that does this? I know the premiums would be higher than most but am willing to pay whatever I need to.

Sarah Fields answers:

A person with preexisting conditions can get insurance, but not always from a “company”.

In approximately four states, including New York, all companies that sell insurance to any individuals between the ages of 19 and 64 must also sell to individuals with preexisting conditions and cannot charge higher premiums.

In the rest of the country (approximately 46 states), there is a two step process:
First, you apply to a company that does not offer insurance to anyone with preexisting conditions, so that you get rejected.
Second, after you receive proof of rejection by that company, you apply to the “preexisting condition plan”, “managed risk pool”, or similar program in your state. The exact procedure is slightly different depending on which state is the one where you live.

In either case, coverage for the preexisting conditions may not begin until 6 to 18 months later than coverage for everything else.

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