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Individual Health Insurance Plans Az Question & Answers

2013 August 8
by Sarah Fields

Lisa asks…

Is their a dental insurance in AZ for individuals?

We recently moved to Az my husbands job does not have very good dental before we moved we discovered that I am going to need overbite surgery-its causing alot of problems – headaches,earpain,swore jaw, but to make a long story short , I am having trouble finding a individual dental insurance here that doesn’t have an annual maxium of more than a $1000 and that covers overbite correction.

Sarah Fields answers:

If the overbite is causing you medical problems it might be covered by your health insurance. Dental insurance usually won’t cover you because it is considered either cosmetic or medical.

No dental insurance plan is very good; they’ll all have a maximum and a waiting period for major work. The best policy that I have in AZ has a maximum of $1500 and a waiting period of 24 months.

You could try a dental school; AZ has one in the Phoenix area:

Here are a couple of links for dental insurance:

You can also try a fee for service discount plan. I’m an insurance agent and my personal plan is the fee for service plan, specifically the Aetna Dental Access plan but which one you get depends upon your area and comparing the fee schedule to find the best for what you need covered. You can check them out here specifically the Aetna Dental Access

Richard asks…

Which AZ health plans?

Anyone living in AZ know of any health insurances that cover infertility treatments?

Sarah Fields answers:

None of the individual plans in AZ cover any treatments.

Sharon asks…

What’s the new price for Democrat leaders to sell out on America?

Kucinich D-Ohio who said “This is not the bill I wanted to support even as I continued efforts into the last minute to try and modify the bill,” Got a ride to Ohio on Air Force One with Obama and announced that he would vote for ObamaCare. Saying, “However, after careful discussions with President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, my wife Elizabeth and close friends, I’ve decided to cast a vote in favor of the legislation.”

Kucinich is taking America for a ride and did not seem to consider what Americans want even though he voted against the House bill in November and has opposed the Senate bill because it doesn’t include a government-run insurance plan. Did Kucinich get the ride of his life and the same promise Obama gave to Grijalva D-AZ who stated “I was glad to hear…” Obama is “…personally committed to pursue a public option after passage of the current bill.”
If this doesn’t make you sick It should!

Sarah Fields answers:

Kucinich played his political game and won ( he was bought) and has dug his hole.

Obama on the other hand has been on one interview after another stating that the ultimate goal once this Bill is passed is to go for Universal Health Care.

The plan is in, and has been in place for some time . The double talk, tell them what they want to hear has cost Obama his credibility and the Country dearly.

Unquestionable takeover of our fundamental rights to make decisions and our own choices are being ripped away from us. The gentleman who made the very astute comment that it would be near to impossible to make substantial changes is correct!

Big Government will be Boss if this “Reform” passes unless the law suits being filed against a win prevail. The Bill may be overturned through Constitutional and Individual State objections. The legislation was so poorly formed and corrupt that there may be real hope that the American Majority will be vindicated with it being overturned.

My greatest concern if I can validate the remark on the news today is: Those with 66K or less in income will bear the direct tax burden for half of the cost of this reckless Bill. Need to research that one.

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