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Individual Health Insurance Plans Question & Answers

2015 May 7
by Sarah Fields

James asks…

Which health insurance is best for covering doctors visits?

I am looking for a individual health insurance plan with low monthly cost but has good coverage on doctor visits and low deductible.

Sarah Fields answers:

The ones with the low monthly costs, have high deductibles – which do not pay for doctor visits.

There’s no such thing as “a million dollar home for $10″. Kinda like me asking, “Where can I find an insured housepainter to scrape, prime, and paint my house for $25?” In my dreams.

Helen asks…

How much would Dick Cheney pay for health insurance?

The guy is 69 years old and has had 5 heart attacks. I would like to know how much he would pay for an individual health insurance plan under our current system. I’m sure we as tax payers are footing the bill.
Interesting answers- but nobody has put a number anywhere. Can anyone come up with an estimate for someone with similar traits?

Sarah Fields answers:

He would have been denied.

If he hadn’t been a former VP he would never have lived to have heartattacks #3, #4 and #5.

Lisa asks…

Can new insurance put exclusion rider on my policy even if i had continued coverage prior to changing plans?

I got a new individual health insurance plan after ending my Cobra. 2 years prior to switching plans I had a surgery which was fully covered by my then employer’s plan. The new health insurance company placed lifetime-of-the-policy exclusion rider to not cover this pre-existing condition. There was a break in coverage between the plans for 1 month.

Sarah Fields answers:

HIPAA laws don’t cover you switching from group to individual plans, so not only can they exclude it but they could’ve declined you outright. This is a question you should be asking of your insurance broker. AND, if you didn’t buy from an insurance broker then you did yourself a disservice.

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