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Individual Health Insurance Plans Question & Answers

2013 December 5
by Sarah Fields

Donna asks…

Which health insurance plans do you like in California?

For individuals which health insurance plans are good for people in good health? Are the Anthem plans a good choice for a family?

Sarah Fields answers:

I have an individual Anthem plan with a $500 deductible it is called the Smart Sense plan I really like that one!

Mark asks…

Need help in individual health plan which covers infertility?

I am staying in Connecticut state and looking for an individual health insurance plan which covers infertility especially IVF. I currently hold Oxford Health Plan (Group) which is provided by my employer.

Please help me in providing details of any individual insurance plans which cover infertility in Connecticut state.


Sarah Fields answers:

I am an insurance specialist in Michigan, so I cannot say exactly for your state, but in Michigan there are very few insurance plans that cover anything for infertility. I know Blue Cross covers 50% of infertility treatments, but that EXCLUDES IVF. So I would be very cautious when checking into plans, as they may state coverage for infertility treatment, but may have an exclusion for IVF.

Best of luck to you!!

Jenny asks…

Why do conservatives object to tax caps on health care plans?

For starters, cons, the caps was McCain’s plan.

Secondly we need not some $8000 cap, we need 0$ cap, that is the end to tax subsidies of health care. Once health care plans are no longer tax deductible, the employers will abandon group plans, and give you the cash instead. You will have to buy you insurance in individual market.

Individual market was never subsidized by tax deductions. The result (according to CBO) is that individual health insurance plans cost ony one third to one half of group plans.

Sarah Fields answers:

There shouldn’t be any tax cuts for anything. Why should the government make me pay more because of the way I choose to live?

If you rent instead of buying a house, you pay more taxes. WHY? How is a renter ever supposed to afford a home when he’s paying more in taxes?

If you have kids, you pay less in taxes, yet use more government services (schools, school busses on the roads, parks, etc.). You should pay MORE when you have kids.

The list goes on and on.


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