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Individual Health Insurance Question & Answers

2014 April 8
by Sarah Fields

Maria asks…

what do I need to apply for an individual health insurance?

what do I need to apply for an individual health insurance?
Which one do you have? I don’t know too much about it, I just need an insurance that can cover a family doctor and that can cover exams like blood test, prescriptions in case I need

Sarah Fields answers:

It might be cheaper to go to a community or county clinic and pay cash. The fee is based on your income. Here are some low cost clinics.


You should look in phone book and call an independent insurance agent who is familiar with what insurers are in your state and what plans they offer. There is no such thing as limited health insurance policy just to cover one type of doctor, or limited tests or prescriptions only.

Daniel asks…

What is a good site to get short term health insurance?

I am looking for individual health insurance that would cover basic things such as a regular hospital visit, eye exam, dentist, etc in the short run for at least 6 months. As well as cover minor accidents like having a twisted ankle. I’m not really looking for something that would cover me if I had cancer or a major health problem. I’m looking for something with medical, vision, and dental. Pretty much preventive care and maintanence. I am looking to switch jobs since benefits are not offered where I work.

Sarah Fields answers:

Try, It can be confusing with all the different plans.

Jenny asks…

What is the best company for Maternity Health insurance?

I’m not looking to go on medicaid, I don’t want to use taxpayers money if I can afford a reasonable individual health insurance plan. I am very early on in pregnancy and would like to know if anyone knows of a good plan with reasonable rates. I would appreciate it if you had details (plan names). We can afford a deductible of around $4000 or less.

Sarah Fields answers:

You may want to try a website that compares multiple companies at once to get you the best price & maternity coverage. I am paying less than ½ after I did.

Go to:

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