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Individual Health Insurance Question & Answers

2013 October 20
by Sarah Fields

Nancy asks…

How to get individual health insurance in US as a new immigrant?

I will be moving to the US next week and am shopping around for individual health insurance. I am shocked that all the companies I have tried to apply at so far require applicants to have lived in the United States for 1 or more years. How are immigrants supposed to get health insurance?

Sarah Fields answers:

Most major US health insurance companies require a person to have lived in the US at least 6 months to 1 year.

Your best bet will be to find a worldwide international travel health insurance company and get a plan from them for a year or so until you are eligible for a regular US individual health insurance policy.

Here is some more information on international travel health insurance plans:

Richard asks…

How good is individual health insurance?

How good are individual health insurance plans? Do they have higher claim denial rates than group plans?

Are you satisifed with your individual health insurance plan?

Sarah Fields answers:

With individual health insurance, you get what you pay for. They do NOT have higher claim denial rates, as long as you don’t lie, fib, fudge, whatever you want to call it, on your application. ANY misrepresentation on your application, deliberate or accidental, can void the policy, and/or lead to claims being denied. YOU control that.

Susan asks…

Can I pay for individual health insurance through paycheck deduction?

I want to buy an individual health insurance plan for my family (the insurance is not provided by my employer). Can I have my employer pay my premiums directly to my insurance company by deducting the amount so that it gets taken out of my check on a pre-tax basis?

Sarah Fields answers:

NOPE doesn’t work that way.
U get to pay for it with after tax money

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