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Make Sure You Use All The Benefits Of Your Health Insurance

2011 November 23
by Tim Thompson

The secret to maximizing the benefits of your health insurance plan is knowing what benefits your plan provides. Now a days, all San Diego health insurance plans offer preventive services for free, and many have discount programs for health related services that could be of use to many people, if they knew about them. So knowing what these extra benefits are is important.

The Explanation of Coverage (EOC) provides a detailed description of all a plan’s benefits (a brochure for the plan simply provides an overview), but most people don’t look at either of these documents. Therefore they don’t know what the basic benefits of their plan are. To get the full benefit from your health insurance San Diego residents need to review the EOC. It’s not necessary to read the entire document, however you should scan through the information about deductibles, office copays, out of pocket limits and prescription drug benefits. Doing this will show you that your plan will provide free preventive health insurance benefits such as mammograms, Pap smears, flu shots, annual physicals, and some preventive lab tests.

Knowing what services are subject to the deductible and copays can also be learned by scanning the EOC. A key part to understand is what your costs should look like if an emergency occurs. You’ll find out how your costs will change if you go to an urgent care clinic instead of a hospital emergency room.

Some health insurance companies have shifted their emphasis from health insurance to health improvement and maintenance and will pay for the cost, or provide discounts on the cost of gym membership, nutritional counseling, or plans to stop smoking. If you were trying to lose weight and knew that you could get these services at no cost, wouldn’t you take advantage of them? If you wanted to quit smoking, wouldn’t it be beneficial to know that you could get the patch for free?

It’s important to know what benefits are available in your health insurance plan, so you’ll want to send a short time reviewing the plan document.  Did you know that using your health insurance San Diego residents can see an Ophthalmologist (Eye doctor) as part of their health insurance benefits, and get a prescription for contacts or glasses. There’s no need to pay for a different vision plan to get these benefits.

Health insurance is an expensive item, so take advantage of every aspect of it that you can, not only for yourself but for the members of your family. By taking full advantage of the free benefits of your health insurance San Diego families will be healthier and possibly require fewer visits to your doctor.

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