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Maternity Insurance 2014 Question & Answers

2014 May 2
by Sarah Fields

Daniel asks…

A question about the new health care ?

The health care will cover planed parenthood and will up the cost. Now you can chose a policy that doesn’t cover pregnancies and it is cheaper without pregnancy benefits. So will the new plan incorporate costs to those who chose not to have children,and those who can’t have children? Why do men not have to pay extra if they haven’t had a vasectomy?
I’m definately not whining. I asked a question. When I was younger a policy adding pregnancy cost more. Will the health care cost less for employers if they are not covering pregnancies (which can be quite costly)

Sarah Fields answers:

When you say “new health care” are you talking about the Obama health plan individual mandate?

You will have a choice of plans from an exchange. It is different in every state. I am sure you can find one with maternity benefits. Each insurance company will offer its own plans, like now. Women wont be paying more under the 2014 Obama plan like they do now. The reason is that women see doctors more often and pregnancy is more expensive than a vasectomy.

Michael asks…

Obama Care & Maternity Coverage?

From what I’ve read about the new Health Care Act, maternity coverage will be included on all NEW private or small group insurance plans beginning in 2014. I have insurance now, but do not have maternity coverage. In order for my husband and I to have another child, I must pay for the maternity rider for a full year before getting pregnant. That rider is VERY expensive. It sounds like I would be better off waiting until 2014 and canceling my current health insurance policy and starting a new one. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Sarah Fields answers:

Don’t get too excited about that – you can bet that EVERYONE’S health insurance will go up about $300 a month, for those mandated maternity costs – maybe more, since preexisting pregnancies will also have to be covered. That will be, $300 PER PERSON. Even for your baby, after baby is born. So, your family will be paying an extra $900 a month for insurance, to subsidize women who get “automatic” maternity benefits. Yehaw.

Additionally, insurance companies who flat out don’t want to take on that risk, will do what they’re doing now – they’ll flat out stop selling insurance policies for individuals, or for women.

I promise, no one is as stupid as Congress thinks they are – not even insurance companies. They CANNOT sell the product at a cost lower than the claims will be, and stay in business. So far, the result of Obamacare has been children being unable to buy individual policies any more, and maternity benefits being unavailable in most states, and premiums up about 30% in cost.

Expect more of the same – drastically increased costs, and fewer coverage options. Cancel your policy now . . . And odds are pretty good, you won’t be able to find insurance next year, even at a 50% increase in rate.

Paul asks…

Maternity Insureance?

I just found out I’m pregnant and I was wondering whats the best maternity coverage? I can’t get sooner care. If any of you know please leave the number ? Help!

Sarah Fields answers:

Since you don’t qualify for Medicaid (SoonerCare), you’re in a rather tough spot. The fact is that being pregnant is considered a pre-existing medical condition and if you try to purchase coverage on your own now, you will be declined. This won’t be true in 2014, when the last provisions of health reform kick in, but that’s not going to help you now.

What you’ll need to do is look into any other government-sponsored options that may be available to you. To explore those, visit the non-profit Foundation for Health Coverage Education at They have state-specific resource pages that might help.

You’re only other option is to get employer-based health insurance, either through your own employer or through a spouse’s employer. You can’t be declined coverage for employer-based insurance due to a pre-existing condition.

Alternately, you’re going to have to explain to the doctor/hospital that you are uninsured and will be paying for your maternity care yourself. They may be willing to offer you a discount or work out a payment plan with you. It’s not going to be cheap, however, so brace yourself.

You’ll also need to start exploring health insurance options for your baby. Does the father have a health insurance plan? He may be able to enroll the baby as a dependent. You may also be able to purchase a child-only health insurance plan for the baby after he or she is born. Or, there may be government-sponsored coverage options for newborns in your state.

We wrote a bit about newborn health insurance options on our blog here:

Good luck!

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