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Maternity Insurance Arizona Question & Answers

2014 February 7
by Sarah Fields

Carol asks…

does arizona have disability insurance for maternity leave like california has if so how do you file a claim?

if arizona has this how do you file and when?

Sarah Fields answers:

The STATE doesn’t have it. Some employers offer disability coverage including maternity, but you have to check with your HR department to find out. Seeing as how having a baby is natural, and mostly a planned event, many insurance companies don’t consider it a disability.

William asks…

what is the average monthly wage of a Lecturer and teacher in North America?

Sarah Fields answers:

In the United States: [1]

Average teacher salaries. California had the nation’s highest average salary in 2002-03, at $55,693. States joining California in the top tier were Michigan, at $54,020; Connecticut, at $53,962; New Jersey, at $53,872; and the District of Columbia, at $53,194.

South Dakota had the lowest average salary in 2002-03, at $32,414. The other states in the bottom tier were Montana, at $35,754; Mississippi, at $35,135; North Dakota, at $33,869; and Oklahoma, at $33,277. Also in the lowest tier were the Virgin Islands, at $34,764; Guam at $34,738; and Puerto Rico, at $22,164.

Average beginning teacher salaries. Alaska had the highest average beginning salary in 2002-03, at $37,401. States joining Alaska in the top tier were New Jersey, at $35,673; District of Columbia, at $35,260; New York, at $35,259; and California, at $34,805.

Montana had the lowest average beginning salary in 2002-03, at $23,052. The other states in the bottom tier were Maine, at $24,631; South Dakota, at $24,311; North Dakota, at $23,591; and Arizona, at $23,548.

In Canada:

The lowest range for teachers is in Newfoundland and Labrador ($26,487 min. / $36,224 max), while the highest is Alberta ($34,184 min. / $57,363 max.). [2]

It is important to remember that Canadians do not pay additional premiums for health care. In 2007, the average cost per person in the U.S. For health insurance coverage was $7,421. [3]

Other benefits that may be included for teacher in Canada are: compassionate leave; supplementary medical insurance; cumulative sick leave; long-term disability insurance; maternity leave; retirement gratuities; sabbatical and study leave; life insurance; and dental insurance.

All figures are in the currency of the country of origin, and the Canadian dollar is currently at par with the U.S. Dollar.

Helen asks…

Arizona Residents- I’m pregnant and have no health insurance. Please Advise.?

I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and because I am married and have no other children I do not qualify for Baby Arizona/ Ahcccs because apparently the child growing in my womb isn’t considered a life in the state of Arizona as of October 1st.

So I have to look into private insurance coverage and I have absolutely no idea how to understand all that jargon.

I need some help and some direction as soon as possible.


Sarah Fields answers:

Good luck finding private insurance. I tried looking for insurance when my friend wanted a baby and she had no job insurance. We called everyone, Bluecross. Humana, Aetna, etc… NONE of them covered maternity. They basically said that the only way to get coverage for maternity is through an employer-based plan.

This country is f*ked up when it comes to health care, especially for mothers to be. Yet, the conservatives say all life is precious- they just don’t want you have your baby affordably.

Definitely call medicaid and see what they say. Because you are married, you may not qualify, but I am not sure.

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