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Maternity Insurance Arizona Question & Answers

2015 June 25
by Sarah Fields

Joseph asks…

Pregnancy test – Arizona (any clinic) pls help?

I need to get a pregnancy test in Phoenix or Chandler…pls give a clinic name where I can go.
I don’t want to go to my personal doc as I am not covered through insurance on maternity issues. Plsss help.

Sarah Fields answers:

There is a family planning clinic located at

1331 N. 7th Street, Suite 225
Phoenix, AZ  85006

They will give you a free pregnancy test. The website provides a map and driving directions.

All the best!

James asks…

Maternity Insurance Provider?

My wife is a Master’s student at Arizona State and is on the school’s health plan. She graduates in May, and so she’ll be dropped from the plan shortly thereafter. However, we would like to start trying to have a baby as soon as possible, and we don’t want her to be dropped from coverage while she is pregnant. So, we need to switch carriers now before she gets pregnant.

The question is: are there affordable insurance providers out there that will help cover the cost of pregnancy and delivery, but don’t make you wait 10 months or more? I’ve heard rumors that it exists, but no one gives me more information than that. Help!

Sarah Fields answers:

As an Arizona agent I can tell you there is only one company that has only one health plan that covers maternity. It has a premium of just over $400 (depending on age), and a deductible of $3500. It also has a waiting period of 12 months prior to conception and 21 months prior to delivery. If you do the math you’ll find the amount you pay with the additional premium will be greater than the amount you’d pay if you were paying cash.

However, she does need a policy because once she’s pregnant she won’t be able to get any individual policy. Also, in AZ all policies cover complications of pregnancy, such as a C-section, even if the policy doesn’t have maternity coverage.

Lizzie asks…

Looking for individual/family health insurance in Arizona…?

I am a stay-at-home mom (in Arizona) and I need to get health insurance. My boyfriend (and our toddler) have insurance through his employer but it’s like $400/month for just the two of them and it doesn’t cover much. To add me to his plan we would have to get married first and it would be over $200/month more than he’s already paying now. So that’s over $600/month for insurance that doesn’t cover much. It doesn’t seem like a very good deal at all.

So I’m looking for a health insurance plan that would take all three of us as an unmarried family, for less than $600/month. So far I don’t see any that cover maternity, and we do want to have another child within the next year or two… We don’t get sick often, but our baby needs her regular checkups and vaccinations, we need our regular checkups, vision and dental, and of course catastrophic coverage in the event something really bad were to happen.

I don’t see much purpose in me having insurance for myself, a young woman, that doesn’t cover maternity or birth control, other than for the sake of catastrophic coverage. But if need be I could get my own insurance plan for maternity/birth control/whatever if I could find an affordable one, and they can be on their own plan that doesn’t cover maternity.

Blue Cross Blue Shield has some cheap rates but they don’t cover maternity. Neither does Aetna. Cinergy is too expensive for just me, let alone my family too.

So my question(s) to you specifically are:
Can you suggest any health insurance companies that cover maternity?
Can you suggest any that are affordable?
Can you suggest any that would insure us as a family even though we are unwed?

Sarah Fields answers:

I’m an independent agent in AZ and there are several companies, including Blue Cross, that have policies that cover maternity. If they are “affordable” depends on your point of view. The problem you’ll find with individual maternity is that the insurance company, if you do the math, is not going to pay out more for your delivery than they receive from you in extra premium. A group policy is different because everyone on the plan, including your toddler, is paying more for your maternity coverage and the employer is probably kicking in quite a bit. Complications of pregnancy are covered even if you don’t have maternity.

None of the Arizona companies will accept an unmarried couple.

Many healthy young people get insurance just for catastrophic occurrences because that will keep the premium lower. They will save the premium difference in the bank for those occasional doctor visits and many women will work with their doctor and hospital to prepay the prenatal visits and delivery.

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