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Maternity Insurance Arizona Question & Answers

2016 March 11
by Sarah Fields

Sandra asks…

What are my options if pregnant but insurance doesnt cover prenatal stuff and we make too much for Medicaid?

My husband and I live in Ohio and we have purchased our own insurance through Anthem but it doesn’t cover any prenatal/pregnancy stuff (nothing until the baby is born and added to the plan). I have been told that on average a normal pregnancy can run between $10k and $15k and we honestly cannot afford that…and heaven forbid something goes “wrong”. So that is why I am looking for any options that are out there for woman like me who are “under-insured” or who have insurance that does not cover pregnancies…. THANKS for your help!!!

Sarah Fields answers:

My insurance wanted me to pay an extra $600 a month to add pregnancy to it so I went down to the medicaid office and told them my situation. I don’t know how it is in Ohio, but in Arkansas and Arizona (both states I have lived in during this pregnancy) if you are pregnant and your insurance doesn’t cover you they give you “pregnancy medicaid”. You will still have to list your current insurance as your primary, but when things come back saying “no maternity benefits” they will then bill medicaid which covers everything. It is not based on your income. I would go file for medicaid if you haven’t already and just tell them you are filing for pregnancy only.
Good Luck!

Lizzie asks…

Maternity Advantage???

My sis is 8 weeks pregnant, no insurance, self employed, she and hubby make too much money to qualify for anything, we’re in Arizona…. any input?
They do have insurance, just doesn’t cover maternity.
They make aprox $5000/month combined (but they have a huge mortgage and other business expenses…)

Sarah Fields answers:

Maternity Advantage is just another name for MaterityCard, which is nothing more than a discount card. The discount you receive using the card is the same discount you’d receive paying cash. In fact, you do have to pay cash when you use the card.

The best way to pay for delivery is to call your doctor and hospital and set up a payment plan. You will save the $100 per month cost of the card and instead pay that directly to the hospital. Since she has insurance complications of pregnancy, such as a c-section, are covered in AZ whether or not she has maternity coverage.

Daniel asks…

Health Insurance while Pregnant? AZ-?

I’m from Arizona- This clinic I went to advised ACCESS insurance, and when I tried to apply, I was denied for “living at home” or “not being 19 years of age” if either of these were different, I would be qualified for this insurance. but because I am 18 and still living at home- and my mom won’t help me to get on any type of insurance- I don’t know what to do.
My boyfriend is stressing me to figure something out. I quit my job to move out of the city and go to my Dad’s to better take care of myself. His family makes too much money for me to be eligible for insurance under his name. I’m not yet in my second term- but close. I also want to know what to do for prenatal care- I’ve been taking the vitamins, and during pregnancy I was smoking cigarettes, pot, drinking, – other; (Granted I had no idea about my current condition) what can I do to insure a healthy child? homeopathic remedies are in favor, but I’m at my limit and I need serious advice

Sarah Fields answers:

ACCESS is welfare health insurance. To qualify, you have to have a low enough HOUSEHOLD income, or be under 19 (for the child health insurance) and have a low enough household income.

You can’t buy private health insurance in AZ, because you’re already pregnant. IT’S TOO LATE. The ONLY choices, are welfare, if you qualify, or getting insurance through your employer, or your husband’s employer. That’s right, he’d have to marry you.

Unless you plan on getting some kind of job with maternity coverage, you’re looking at paying for your prenatal and birthing costs out of pocket. I’d strongly recommend looking into a local midwife, and planning a home birth (unless you’re wild about the idea of $10,000 to $25,000 in hospital bills to pay off).

There’s not much they can do for prenatal care, except watch out for serious complications like toxemia and gestational diabetes, and test you for certain STDs that can cause problems during the birth itself. The big stuff is watch your weight, don’t smoke ANYTHING, no recreational drugs or alcohol, take prenatal vitamins with folic acid.

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