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Maternity Insurance Arizona Question & Answers

2013 October 23
by Sarah Fields

Charles asks…

Maternity Insurance for Non-Americans to give birth in America?

I am a European citizen and I came to America as a tourist but the circumstances changed and the only option for me is to give birth here, in America. Can you redirect me to a insurance that can cover me for the delivery and whatever is needed? I am planning of giving birth in Arizona.

Sarah Fields answers:

Ha…Good luck. I am an American citizen and I can’t get any help with insurance!!!

Nancy asks…

What insurance covers a tubal reversal?

I want to get my tubes untied and live in arizona. is there other alternatives to pay for this?

Sarah Fields answers:

Insurance policies typically won’t cover elective procedures, and many now do not pay for maternity costs.

Since you live in Arizona, you might consider traveling to Mexico for lower-cost healthcare. If it would still cost thousands more than you would like to spend, consider a trip to the Philippines. The surgery may only cost $500-$1,000, but you will spend about $1,500 on a plane ticket and $50-$75 per night for a hotel room.

One might claim that if you think the reversal is expensive, have you seen the cost of raising kids lately? Anyway, I hope this helps.

Laura asks…

Can I still get Unemployment if I move states?

I’m Currently collecting Unemployment in Florida. I’m also currently 34 weeks pregnant (making it hard, no one wants to hire me). I’m willing and able to work, thus able to collect. But I know that when I deliver my daughter I will not be collecting. And during those 6 weeks “maternity” I’ll be leaving the state and moving to Michigan, to be with my parents. If I’m unable to find a job in Michigan can I still gain Unemployment, and how would I go about doing that?

Sarah Fields answers:

Yes you can. But the unemployment has to come from the state you left your last job in because that’s the state your employer paid into the insurance fund on. Unemployment is a “public insurance” that employers pay into and you draw on when you are let go.

I lived in California in 2004 and then moved to Arizona. I collected California unemployment for 4 months before I found a job here.

So here’s how it works. You begin drawing unemployment now and just update your address when you move.

As for the maternity part. It’s up to you how you handle that. You will have to answer the questions about whether you looked for work or not. I leave that to your own conscience.

Good luck to you!

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