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Maternity Insurance Illinois Question & Answers

2014 January 13
by Sarah Fields

Chris asks…

Married couple health insurance living in two different states?

I live in Illinois but my wife currently lives in California. Down the line we will want to have kids and as her dad is a doctor in California, would like for her to give birth there but is it possible to do so covered under a health insurance policy if we were both Illinois residents?

Sarah Fields answers:

It is possible if you have the right plan.

You don’t want an HMO because you cannot go outside the doctor network. These networks are specific to your area.

A PPO would work because you can go outside the network. However, your costs will be higher and with most plans the out of network deductible and co-insurance is separate and higher.

An indemnity plan does not have networks so you can go to any doctor. However, the premium is usually 30% – 50% higher than a PPO.

The biggest problem is very few PPO or indemnity plans have maternity coverage. Those that do – if you do the math you’ll find the extra premium in most cases is more than if you paid cash for the delivery. Almost all individual plans cover complications of pregnance, such as a C-section, even if they don’t cover maternity.

Steven asks…

how do i obtain individual short term disability insurance?

I got an offer from a small firm but they do not offer short term disability insurance. I want to have one just incase I get pregnant and need to take a maternity leave so I get paid during the maternity leave. I’ve called few insurance companies and they dont do individual short term disability insurance? What’s my best option? Any ideas? Thanks
Thanks for your inputs. I guess I’ll just have to stick to savings… or find another job that will cover it :)

Sarah Fields answers:

Illinois Mutual or Aflac.
I am appointed with Illinois Mutual and love their disability plans. I actually have used one of my plans, personally. They are wonderful. Just go to

Donald asks…

Any recommended health insurance companies in Illinois?

Low monthly fee, low deductibles, covers maternity… Thanks!

Sarah Fields answers:

You’re asking for a big order there in all that……..unless you are willing

to have really hi deductible amount, you wont find anyone in your criteria.

Get with an independent ins agent that writes health…find him in yellow pages

or on line….talk w/him…..let him quote you on $….and best provider…..

Pick up the phone……….. Don’t think or look at buying a policy from an on line

outfit cuz you know nothing abuot them…don’t even know if they’re legit as well

or their financial rating/payment history, etc

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