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Maternity Insurance Illinois Question & Answers

2015 December 14
by Sarah Fields

David asks…

If a company monitors employee’s emails, How can that lead to….?

…possible abuse of personal data under the Data Protection Act

Sarah Fields answers:

If you update a personal blog on company time, they can find out about your sex life, a/theistic views, hobbies, even your health…

In most states, they don’t need a reason to fire you and if they, for example, are a Muslim Company and find out you have 2 baby-mamma’s and have nude pictures on your FaceBook Page, they can dream up an excuse to fire you…

A Church Run School has fired Single Teachers for getting pregnant…

Companies find out that you are trying to have a baby and they fire you before you get pregnant so they don’t have to save your job and deal with maternity leave…

You blog that you are still sun bathing after that bout of Melanoma last year and they can see you as an expensive threat to their health insurance costs…

I’m a small business owner and, luckily, have never had to fire anyone but thinking hypothetically, if I had to come up with an excuse to fire someone, it would be SOOOOOOOOOOO easy…

Lets say I don’t want to fire a black guy for “Racist” reasons… I monitored his internet use on the company computer and he is posting pictures of himself smoking weed on his linkedin page, has 2 baby-mamma’s we didn’t know about, and has a brother in Jail for theft.

I’m not going to put “I don’t like black people” on the pink slip, I’m going to say that we got a complaint from a customer about his conduct on the job and according to the employment contract I had him sign when he agreed to accept our offer of employment, that is grounds to fire him.

I have all the laws on my side:

1. The employment contract.
2. Illinois State Law says I can dismiss for any reason.
3. He can’t prove that he DIDN’T act in appropriately on the job.

As an employer with a good relationship with my customer, I could even get a friendly person in the company to write a letter stating that the Employee did all sorts of horrible things.

All of this because he decided to use his company computer like it was his home computer.

*Disclaimer: I would never DO this… But I can imagine how I would go about it if I wanted to.

Sending dirty pictures to B/G friends… Talking about binge drinking… Talking about drug use… Bad Mouthing the company… Putting pictures up of you doing inappropriate things in uniform… Contrary belief systems… Health Problems that will hinder productivity… Participation in controversial political movements… Downloading Porn… Downloading illegal stuff like using their network to DL pirated movies/music or, heaven forbid, child porn!! Sex and Sexuality… (I.E. If you do anything Kinky that isn’t acceptable to the Moral Standards of the Christian Company you work for…)

If you CHOOSE to open your personal email at work, they don’t have the right to access your mail without you, but they do have the right to monitor what you use their networks for.

There is a case here in Illinois where School Employees remotely activated the webcams of School-Owned laptops and Illegally monitored the private lives of those that had the computers… THAT was against the law… They were snooping and had no legitimate reason to do that…

Unethical snoops can watch you pay your bills and get access to your account data…

But PARENTS can…

If you are under 18, your parents basically OWN you like your pet dog and can watch every keystroke you type and prevent you from doing ANYTHING they disagree with.

Lisa asks…

I just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant (unplanned pregnancy but so excited).?

I just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant (unplanned pregnancy but so excited). We have insurance through my husbands work but it only covers 20% of maternity visits and services. Is there anything we can do to help with the medical bills? I know it is expensive to have a baby and we do not have much extra money. We live in Illinois.

Sarah Fields answers:

Online begging.

Get a paypal account and then post ur story everywhere u can think of and start a fundraising campaign and ppl can give u there money

Thomas asks…

Choosing Illinois health insurance?

I have a choice between 3 IHFS healthcare plans. Family Health Network, Harmony Health Plan and Meridian health plan. They all seem to have good maternity benefits but I’m trying to figure which is better for vision and dental. HELP!!!

Sarah Fields answers:

Health plans rarely provide any in depth coverage for dental or vision. Most people concerned with these expenses purchase a separate stand alone policy for each. It’s best not to use vision and dental benefits as a tie breaker.

It sounds like maternity coverage is important to you. Base your decision on the plan option that works best for you. Look at premium costs, whether your doctors are in-network in the plan, pre-natal care benefits, and the hospital deductible, and in-network hospitals with Neo Natal Intensive Care. If you are planning a pregnancy remember that a hospital stay is in your future and you may have a deductible to pay, and there is a possibility that your infant may need specialized care.

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