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Maternity Insurance Illinois Question & Answers

2013 August 7
by Sarah Fields

Donald asks…

What are my best options for self-employed health insurance with maternity in Illinois?

I am leaving a well paid corporate job with great benefits to work for myself. I was recently married and my wife wants to have children soon. She does not have benefits through her job so I need to ensure we are covered well. What are some great options for affordable health coverage in Illinois that includes maternity and what’s the time frame before maternity coverage kicks in?

Sarah Fields answers:

Maternity is very expensive on an individual policy. The wait is usually 1 year, meaning the pregnancy can’t begin until after a year has elapsed. Maternity is about $350 to $450 extra a month. But it is very worth it if there are any complications.
Probably BCBS is your best bet.
You can get a quote by going to, just enter your zip and go from there.
You might consider a high deductible HSA plan too, but you would still need to add maternity to that plan.

Susan asks…

fired after maternity leave under disability illinois wat can i do?

i was on maternity leave under short term disability. wen i went back to work the manager told me i no longer work there i was replaced. it was a 4-6 people office wat can i do?

Sarah Fields answers:

Your disability INSURANCE has nothing to do with your maternity leave.
How long were you gone? If it was more than 12 weeks, they are NOT required to hold your job. For companies with less than 10 employees, I am not sure they are required to hold it at all.

Lizzie asks…

Do we both need to sign up for health insurance?

Can I add my wife to my health insurance even though she is eligible to recieve it at her employer? We don’t want to pay for 2 coverages. We live in the state of Illinois. Thanks.

Sarah Fields answers:

I believe she can. She’ll need to sign a waiver of group/employer coverage to her employer. Although she might need to do it only during open enrollment. A word of caution, group coverage, typically, is going to be better coverage than individual/private health insurance, but if you are doing it because of cost, it’s understandable. Many people are going away from their group/employer coverage. Also, individual coverage doesn’t typically cover maternity or mental health, so if you are in need of any of these, make note.
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