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Maternity Insurance Michigan Question & Answers

2013 December 18
by Sarah Fields

Lisa asks…

Why has 0bama failed to find enough savings to pay for his healthcare expansion?

Isn’t there supposed to be all kinds of waste and savings to be found?

Dems have said that since we spend 16% of GDP on healthcare, we should be able to cut that by a lot and use the savings to insure the 10% who are uninsured. Right?

Sarah Fields answers:

For every dollar going into insurance policies currently, 70 cents pays for medical treatment, the 30 cents goes to profit, salaries, shareholder benefits, sales, marketing, advertising, etc.
For every dollar going into MEDICARE, 97 cents pays for medical treatment, and the government takes only 3% for administrative costs. So, you can estimate that there will be a 27% savings by going to a single payer system. Then, if you have universal medical insurance, all US companies don’t have to have their insurance administrative costs, don’t have to deal with increasing insurance premiums.

The Tri Care system that the Vets appreciate is even more well run, and yes, by the government. Their costs are actually going down because of using better technologies and systems.

The current insurance systems are for profit, and they will use any trick to drop you if you get sick, will deny treatment, and because medical history is available when you look for a job, you might be declined a job because there was something in your records that an employer wouldn’t want to deal with.

People who travel only have good to say about Canada and European health care systems. Look at the statistics, they have better outcomes! Why do you think the insurance companies are spending so much money to lobby congress and to pay for the “Lewin Group” which is a mouth piece for the insurance industry. Because they want to keep things the way they are. They like their billion dollar salaries (McGuire) and millions in bonuses. They don’t care that our manufacturing is moving out of the US, partially because of high medical costs. That’s why Canada got a car plant that was originally to be in Michigan.

Right now, a great majority of personal bankrupcies are because of medical issues. People who can’t afford insurance….and don’t get it from their employer..even young. People..get ill and ruined by medical bills. A friend’s son got married, wife pg, but insurance only pays for maternity costs after 1 year waiting period. $10,000 debt for a young couple, much higher if there are complications. He’s a carpenter.

If you look at tax statistics, corporations are not paying their fair share, the middle class share of tax has been escalating, as wages have been going down. The proposal I heard most recently is that Net incomes over $350,000 may be increased by 1%. (for the amount over the base of $350,000) So, if someone’s net income is $351,000, their additional tax would be $10.

That with the 27% savings will pay for it…

Do you complain about the anticpated 3 trillion dollar Iraq war for oil.
Just what did you get out of that? US benefit 0. Haliburton much $$$$$.

Stop voting against your own interest, and utilize critical thinking. You wouldn’t be so afraid of the unknown if you do some homework.

Mary asks…

who is eligible for unemployment ?

i am pregnant and due anytime now… but where i work they give 3 months unpaid maternity leave , but i am planning to back to work only if i am not eligible for unemployment, does any one has any personal experience of getting unemployment when or after pregnancy ? i am thinking to apply for unemployment after i have the baby, will that be eligible to get unemployment ? any ppl with personal experience here ? and i live in michigan.
so if my employer doesnt offer short term disability , does that mean i can apply for unemployment, coz i am only getting the fmla leave i think

Sarah Fields answers:

The people above gave great answers. Unemployment is solely for individuals who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. If you choose to not go back to work, you don’t qualify for unemployment. FMLA offers you up to 12 weeks unpaid, but your work is already doing that for you. You may qualify for government assistance (food stamps, insurance, tanf) while you are on unpaid leave, but you cannot qualify for unemployment because it’s your choice to be off. There are women who work until they go into labor and who are back to work a week later because they have to be. I wouldn’t suggest going back to work that quickly because your doctor will not release you that quickly. Good luck to you. If you’re worried about money, look at the income limits for government assistance in Michigan… They’re all online. Generally, you have to purchase short-term disability on your own through an insurance agent – but, some employers do offer it. Obviously, if you won’t qualify to purchase it if you can see that you’re going to need it any day now.

Helen asks…

Good maternity insurance in Michigan?

We are looking for good affordable maternity insurance here in Michigan. Everything that I’ve found has a huge waiting period, and they still expect me to pay through the entire time. Any help?

Sarah Fields answers:

May I suggest to you Ameri Plan’s discount benefits program. They do not have any restrictions on ongoing conditions and you can start saving immediately. There is a hospital advocacy program that assigns you a personal advocate to negotiate with doctors on your medical bills.

The plan also includes savings on dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic care. I’d check them out. I’m so proud to be with them. I know I shouldn’t advertise, but your need sounds great. Let me know if you have any questions.

We are currently running a promotion for just the dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic plan where you can try it out for 3 months for $23 total. This is a great service. You should check it out!

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