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Maternity Insurance Michigan Question & Answers

2014 May 18
by Sarah Fields

James asks…

How much does an HSG dye test cost?

I am unsure if my insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan: ) will cover for the dye test.

Did your insurance cover for it?
If not, how much did you have to pay?

Sarah Fields answers:

Looks like under maternity services labratory and pathology is covered 70%. It doesn’t state anything about infertility on your plan, so if you really want to find out more I’d call BCBSM directly. I also had (before the hubby got laid off) BCBSM and my HSG was covered 90%, I owed $27 after so it can’t cost that much.

Also make sure you take something before you have it done. It’s very uncomfortable and painful (like really bad cramping)

Carol asks…

Need help finding health ins. in MI with out pre-existing conditions waiting period?

Everything blue cross blue shield has a 180 day pre existing waiting period, I need help finding insurance in Michigan either without the pre existing waiting period, or at least with a smaller waiting period. It has to have maternity coverage. I already tried the esurance website. I found a couple good plans but they all have a 6 month long pre existing and I can’t have that

Sarah Fields answers:

In your other question you admitted to being confused. Contact a local agent that works with all of the major companies in your area. The premium will be the same using an agent or doing it yourself. The agent can explain how the different plans work and can answer all of your questions.

The link the mopar gal gave is not relevant in your case. It is for a group policy. Group policies operate differently than individual policies and cannot impose a waiting period on maternity. Individual policies can impose a waiting period.

The waiting period for pre-existing conditions is a standard waiting period but it will depend upon what that condition is. With some minor conditions the waiting period may be waived. If they waive the condtion depends not only on the insurance company but also on the plan. The same company could impose the waiting period on some of their plans and waive the waiting period on other plans. Some conditions will result in a waiver of coverage for that condition; depending upon the plan and the company the waiver could be from 12 months to permanent. Other conditions will result in a decline of coverage. Again, this will depend upon the condition and the insurance company. Some companies will accept someone with any particular condition while another company will decline. All insurance companies will decline for certain conditions, such as if you are already pregnant. In that case your only options are to get a job with health benefits or to see if you qualify for your state’s Medicaid program.

Richard asks…

Is there any health insurance plans out there…?

That will cover you even if you are eligible for insurance through an employer? I can get it through my employer but the cost is absolutely outrageous. All the individual plans I have looked at say you cannot be eligible for benefits through your employer in order to be eligible for their plans. I just basically need coverage in case something happens, i’m a healthy 24 year old. I’m in Michigan BTW.

Sarah Fields answers:

Absolutely. You can buy a private policy, if you’re in good health. Generally, the private policy is more expensive than the employer’s group policy, because the employer picks up part of the cost.

For you, a single guy, wiht no maternity benefits, obviously, you’re looking at about $250 a month for insurance.

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