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Maternity Insurance Michigan Question & Answers

2013 August 21
by Sarah Fields

George asks…

How do I go about getting health insurance for my baby?

Me and my husband just got married this year and found out that we were pregnant a few weeks later. We both just got jobs mine does not have insurance and his offers insurance but it will not kick in for three more months and our baby is due in one month. Right now we are both on our parents health insurance my dads includes maternity but will not cover anything for the baby after he is born. We now make too much for Medicaid but are still struggling financially. Should we wait until my husbands insurance kicks in and pay out of pocket for two months or get him on a private plan so when the baby comes we can add the baby to that private plan? Most of the plans that we can afford have like a 10,000 dollar deductible before they cover anything anyway.

Sarah Fields answers:

Have you checked into whether your state offers insurance for uninsured children of working families? When I had my son I was on medicaid and that in turn was extended to my son after his birth. Now I know you said you were ineligible for medicaid but it might be possible that your state offers insurance at a very affordable price. My son was on medicaid for about 6 months and after that I went back to work and he was no longer eligible for medicaid since we had too much income at that time. The job I worked at did not offer any health insurance for my son whatsoever. I live in Michigan and the state has an insurance plan for children of working families that are not otherwise insured that costs $10 a month. Definately look into your state’s health website to see if that’s a possibility for your child. Like others have mentioned the possibility of a NICU stay could prove quite costly to your family. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a look into it and possibly gain some peace of mind. If that doesn’t pan out then you might want to consider a private plan for your child. Besides the cost of the hospital there are often quite a few pediatric visits when the baby is little and the doctors will charge you out the wazoo if you are uninsured. You might have to suck it up and be prepared for that deductible but at least you’ll know you’re covered.

Michael asks…

Do you get to keep your insurance benefits while on maternity leave?

I work for a very small company (the boss, me and another lady), when I take maternity leave will my benefits still be in place or is it up to the employer? What if I need to take an extended leave? Any web sites where I can check this out? I live in Michigan and Im not sure if Im going back to work after the baby is born. Thanks.

Sarah Fields answers:

If your company pays for your benefits then you would need to ask them. While I was on Maternity leave I was able to keep mine but had to pay every month as I would if I had been getting regular check.

James asks…

Can an Obstetrician Open a Home Birth Facility?

Can an Obstetrician Open a Home Birth Facility?

I was wondering if an obstetrician could open a home birth facility? If so, how many staff members would I need? What are the legal things I would need? Is it better (salary wise) to work in a hospital (maternity ward) or a home birth? Also, what is a list of supplies, furniture, etc I would need? Please answer my questions. Thanks:)

Also: IS it legal to have a home birth facility in Michigan, Washington, and California?

Sarah Fields answers:

I do not know what you mean by a home birth facility. There are lots of freestanding birthing centers. Do you mean a home birth practice?

It is legal, but not politically correct for a member of ACOG to operate as a homebirth provider. Any obstetrician who does this will be a pariah among his colleagues. It is difficult for an obstetrician to do a home birth since they are surgeons by their training and do not know much about normal, drugless childbirth. I do not believe their malpractice insurance would cover this kind of enterprise. If you want to know how nasty doctors can be to each other, look at what happened to Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis who merely suggested that they put washing their hands in their statndard protocol.


Salary wise, hospitals are higher, I believe.

However, you can ask Dr. Meyer Eisenstein of Chicago, IL who has been providing homebirths for 40 yrs. Http://

WA, CA, and MI are choice locations for homebirths since there are so many midwives operating in those locations. As for furniture and supplies, it all depends on what you can provide under the law and under your malpractice insurance.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the AHC law.

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