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Maternity Insurance Nc Question & Answers

2014 February 26
by Sarah Fields

Mandy asks…

I recently found out that I am pregnant……?

I don’t have maternity insurance are there any suggestions about what I can do? Is there any insurance in particular that would cover me even though I am already pregnant? I live in North Carolina- I don’t know if that makes a difference.

Sarah Fields answers:

I would recommend going to your local SRS/DFS (Dept. Of Family Services) to see what services are available to you. Be sure to take your paystubs, a utility bill (proof of residency), proof that you are pregnant (something from Planned Parenthood would be fine) and your driver’s license, social security card, etc. To see if you and the baby will qualify for Medicaid in your state. If you qualify, your care and the delivery/birth will be covered completely. There may be other programs you will also qualify for (WIC, etc.).

Here is a link to NC DHHS; click on Pregnancy and Maternity Services:

Lisa asks…

Maternity Insurance Help in NC?

My husband and I recently got an individual plan, but it doesnt include maternity. They wont let us add it until November, but I cant really afford to wait. (Age) Can anyone offer any help or suggestions? I am located in NC.

Sarah Fields answers:

There are insurance companies out there specifically for maternity insurance, however some of them you still have a waiting period and they are usually quite costly. Golden Rule is one of them.

Sandy asks…

how does anyone afford medical and maternity insurance???!!!!!?

i live in nc and need to purchase health insurance could anyone give me any recommendations toward affordable insurance.

Sarah Fields answers:

Look into you states “Basic Health” programs. It should be through the department of social and health services. Basic Health is done off your income and family size, if you are pregannt you count as “2” people. You can select from several different health insurance companies and it covers everything except a small copay per visit or prescription. Usually it is between 30-100 dollars a month for full coverage. There are special programs for maternity benefits too. Also look into straight state funded insurance of you are pregnant, you may get it all covered for free! The link for you is below!

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