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Maternity Insurance Nc Question & Answers

2014 December 9
by Sarah Fields

Nancy asks…

Anyone TTC in VA/NC? Can’t Get Insured For it?

I am having trouble conceiving and wondered if my insurance would cover certain meds or visits but they wont. I can’t afford the treatments and I bet a lot of you out there can’t either.
I was wondering who would want to help me get a bill passed for insurance in NC to offer fertility coverage. I was surprised to learn that about 14 states offer the coverage and it’s madadtory to be offered by employers in 11 states. If there is enough of us, we can get the bill passed so they have to at least offer it. I have coverage in NC and also travel to VA so I am going to do both if it will help all of us out there Trying to conceive!

Who is with me?

Sarah Fields answers:

I know how you feel. I am in North Carolina and if you want maternity coverage it’s a lot of money. Like $300- $400 a month, which most people cannot afford.

Atm our health insurance only covers $2,000…but to have a baby in a hospital it’s at least $10, 000.

I wish you the best

Donald asks…

Free Prenatal care or Maternity Insurance in Charlotte, NC?

I’m working temp-to-permanent position so no benefits are offered, and now I’m pregnant, I still have not seen a doctor yet, and I will be 11 weeks on Thursday. I live here in Charlotte, NC new to the city and NC Medicaid the had the nerve to say It looks like you make to much money when I went to apply for Medicaid, and I really don’t make that much at all. The Medicaid application in NC takes 45 days to process, I’m still waiting to hear back to see if I have been approved or denied, I initially applied on 01/14/2010. I pray every night that I have been approved so that way I will have some re-assurance of health care, but its sad in our country people who work everyday don’t have insurance, and I’m about to bring a child into this world. I went to this pregnancy resource center( which there is one located in all major cities) that was free which gives you an official pregnancy test, and one free u/s so I saw the baby at 7 weeks and now I’m approaching 11 weeks praying I will have my Medicaid approved soon. I was just wondering did any other mother have any options about private health care or paying for insurance out of pocket, or Medicaid in NC to get approved. Thanks in advance!

Sarah Fields answers:

Hey there. I live in Salisbury about 30 minutes from you. I applied for pregnancy medicaid and got it. My husband works full time and I have income but they still approved me. From what I understand no matter what income you have you are suspposed to be approved if you are pregnant. It only took my dss office a week or two to send my card. As far as free prenatal care there are so many resourses in Charlotte im sure you can find some where to go to. You can even come to salisbury if you dont mind the drive and go to the pregnancy support center.

Steven asks…

North Carolina Pregnancy Assistance?

I want to have a baby but my husband and I don’t have insurance offered at our jobs. We live in North Carolina and can’t afford insurance online. Can anyone give me a website or information on North Carolina Medicair Assistance? Or should we just wait a few years until one of us has Health Insurance?

Note: I am young (27) but my mother and 16 of my aunts started menopause at the age of 30 to 32. So my biological clock might be ticking.

Sarah Fields answers:

Here are some websites with the information & links you need:

(General site about NC Child Health Insurance)

(Printable application)

(NC Medicaid homepage)

(NC Medicaid’s “Babylove” maternity page)

Just for the record… I had my son on Medi-Cal (CA’s verision of Medicaid). We didn’t have to pay a penny for any portion of my prenatal care or his birth. This time, we have health insurance. We’re paying $150/month for a prescription I need (which I also used last time), 20% of each doctor visit, and will be paying a significant amount of money for the hospital stay. From a purely financial aspect? I’d do it now.

Yes, there was some obvious discrimination from certain medical personnel and the pharmacy, but it was pretty easy to deal with, and not as likely as this to lead us to bankruptcy.

Also, the older you get, the harder it is on your body.

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