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Maternity Insurance Nc Question & Answers

2015 July 21
by Sarah Fields

Robert asks…

Maternity insurance. BCBS is much too expensive, and UHC doesn’t provide it in NC… HELP!?

BCBS for me for maternity is an additional $336 on top of my $220 / month for regular health insurance! Well my husband and I simply can’t afford that.

Any ideas? I’m waiting on info from Maternity Advantage and was trying to get info on Medicaid.

HELP!! I can’t get pregnant without knowing I can pay insurance… and well BCBS is trying to rip me off, because they said I had to get the maternity within a month of being married and if not, would have to wait until my plan expires in a year….

Someone please give me help!

Sarah Fields answers:

I am not sure where you live, but in my state of ny, there is a program for family health plus-this gives families insurance who cant afford health insurance, but dont qualify for medicaid. I pay 9 dollars a month for each child on that plan. I just got medicaid as a secondary insurance for myself because while pregnant i found out my insurance was garbage-i had to pay over 4000 dollars towards my labor and delivery! Thank goodness i was able to get the medicaid cause id be screwed! Good luck hun

Mary asks…

How much does giving birth cost now days? is it expensive?!?

EMERGENCY!!! pls help! asap

Sarah Fields answers:

Its extremely expensive. I used to work for BCBS of NC. Keep in mind that any physician who comes in to see you (even just for a minute – if he introduces himself to you says he looked at your chart and you’re doing fine – then he’ll be filing a claim for $300+) , every pill you are given, every IV, every medical supply used on you- the anesthesia drugs, the anesthesiologist, he anesthesiologist’s nurse or assistant, the OR staff if you have a c-section – you will pay for the facility and then services, then supplies, then labs/bloodwork. You’ll pay for the ER separately if you are admitted thru them. A claim will be filed for it to your insurance company. Most insurances covers standard – not necessarily sick baby but standard newborn charges under the mother’s maternity benefits. If you don’t have insurance, go get MEDICAID immediately!! They will cover you fully. As far as concerns about your portion of the financial responsibility, its better than any insurance that you can buy. Sometimes the care you get isn’t as nice, and the Dr’s offices you have to choose from aren’t as cushy but remember that you are most likely dealing with Dr’s who are giving the same care to otherwise insured patients – but may just be assigned to Medicaid patients a few times a week when they have “clinic.” No one wants any liability issues so the odds of you being well taken care of are in your favor. If you need Medicaid, go get it. It’s very easy to qualify when you are pregnant (And its FREE – NO BILLS!!) and its so important not to wait on getting both yourself and the baby the care you need.

William asks…

Insurance won’t respond to my stolen car claim?

My car was stolen about 45 days ago. I called the police and informed my insurance company. Allstate said it would take them 30 days to investigate the claim and get in touch with me. 2 weeks ago they asked for the keys and said they would get in touch with me in a few days. I haven’t heard from them and everytime I call my adjuster she wont return my calls/voice mails. I would like to know whats going on and why is it taking them so long..
Additional info:

My car was a 2001 bmw 525i. It was paid off and I have the title in hand.
I had full coverage insurance.
I live in NC!

Sarah Fields answers:

You need to call your agent, and ask your agent to call. Several weeks of no contact, and not returning calls, is a problem.

I’ve heard of adjusters going out on maternity leave, and claims just being left on the desk . . . So you need to have your agent figure out what’s going on.

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